The Worlds Best Queen Tribute Bands

Updated: Nov 4

You can imagine that paying tribute to legendary singers and musicians isn't an easy feat. Not only do you have to live it to a life time of dedication to master the craft of musicianship, you also have to live up to the expectation of millions of fans, to be as close to the real thing as possible and nothing can compare to trying to live in the shadow of the worlds biggest rock band - Queen!

Who is the best Freddie Mercury impersonator?

Living up to the epic legacy of musical genius that the late Freddie Mercury brought to the world is near impossible, but every now and then, those brave few take up the challenge of donning that iconic yellow jacket and give the heart and soul to bringing a little bit of his magic back to the stage.

We're about to go through the best Queen Tribute bands in the world. Hold on to your hats, because we're about to Rock You!

Does the best Queen Tribute come from the UK?

Hundreds, if not thousands of bands try to take on the challenge of being Queen around the world and the best of them must come from where Queen originated from.

Ten years ago, in the seaside town of Blackpool a young actor, Seth Daniels was finishing drama school. Like all actors he had ambitions of performing on big stages around the world. It wasn't until he saw an advert online when his life was to take a different path.

"National Search for a Freddie Mercury Impersonator," was the advert from a Lincoln based Queen Tribute Monarchy. Monarchy we're fairly well know around clubs and holiday parks when in stepped a young 22 year old to try and fill the boots of the legend. With one audition, he blew the band away with his powerful voice and presence and was soon touring the UK as the one and only Freddie Mercury.

"The first time I stepped on to a stage as Freddie, I knew I'd bitten more than I could chew. After 3 songs I was exhausted. I just remember thinking, that's why Freddie sweats so much on stage, he's literally sprinting a marathon. I knew I had to step up my game." - says Seth Daniels when he first stepped on to the big stage at Butlins in Minehead.

Seth did step up his game and after a year he decided it was time to take things seriously. With the help of drummer Dave Raeburn and friend James Campion, Seth set up his own Queen Tribute - Majesty. His first shows with Majesty saw him headlining European festivals in Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, and beyond, performing at huge corporate events such as Mercedes Benz 125th Anniversary in Stuttgart and touring the UK none stop.

"I knew to become as good as Freddie, I had to perform as much as possible just like Freddie did. I had to learn how to earn my place on the stage and earn the audiences trust that this wonderful music was in good hands."

Top 5 Queen Tribute in the World

1. Majesty - a Tribute to Queen ( UK )

UK Queen Tribute Band Majesty are now known as one of the rising stars in the tribute industry. Having performed around the UK, Estonia, Cyprus, Austria, Germany, Malta, India, US, Luxembourg to name but a few, they have earned a reputation for their electrifying performances and spectacular musicianship.

Alongside Peter Southern who plays Brian May, Chris Holland who plays John Deacon, James Campion who performs as the powerful Roger Taylor, Seth and Majesty are starting to set the world on fire with the same excitement that Queen brought on their legendary tours.

Majesty performing Hammer to Fall Jam with Brian May

"I've always said, there are people that look like Freddie Mercury, there are people that sound exactly like Freddie Mercury and those people aren't me, but what I try and do as an actor, is bring the soul to the stage. Who I believe Freddie was on the inside. It's not about striking a pose, pursing my lips or any of that. For me, Freddie was all about giving. He gave his soul to the audience, he opened his heart on the stage and said this is who I am and he did it with such modesty. That's why people loved him. You could see that when he looked at you, he was speaking to you and that's what I try and do in my shows, but I do it by bringing a little bit of myself as well. I ask the audience to trust me, I say to them - let's do this together. We're both here for the same reason, because we love Freddie, we love Queen and we adore this music and we're gonna have a good time until we bloody well die!" - says Seth as he reflects on his time as the legendary Freddie Mercury.

If you want to see more about Majesty, head over to their Facebook page where they have an ever growing community of fans and the boys love to get everyone involved in celebrating Queen.

Majesty - a Tribute to Queen - 2020 Promo

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