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Another Sold Out show in Croydon

International touring Queen Tribute Show Majesty were once again greeted to a sold out show, this time at Croydon's popular Fairfield Halls. With over 700 people in attendance in the Ashcroft Theatre it was sure to be a great night!

Queen Live in Croydon

After their first full capacity performance in post-lockdown Britain at The Concorde 2 in Brighton, where Majesty saw hundreds of locals pack the place it seemed like Majesty had finally arrived once again. This was made all the more real when the UK's favourite Queen Tribute arrived at Croydon's Fairfield Halls on 31st July 2021 to another Sold Out audience.

"We're always prepared to give it our all; give everything we've got to our audiences no matter who turns up, but to see another sold out show after finally returning to full time touring is a real honour." - Rob Lea (Freddie Mercury)

So with the seats filled and the atmosphere charged, Majesty hit the stage to perform a selection of Queen's greatest hits, but tonight Majesty's very own Freddie Mercury had something else up his sleeve.

A Happy Accident

For years Majesty front man Rob Lea has written and recorded music, but in his own words has never done much with them, but as the national lockdown forced all performing arts professionals to stop working, Rob took the time to reevaluate his goals.

"For years I've wanted to walk onto a stage and perform my own music, but as a lot of people know or can imagine, it's incredibly difficult to be heard. The frustrating thing is I get these opportunities to perform in front of thousands of people every week when I am touring. So I thought it was about time I stopped being so scared and started to show the world a little bit of what I can do." - Rob Lea

Says Rob Lea as he took to the stage on Saturday 31st July 2021 to perform one of his original songs - A Happy Accident. What came next, Rob never expected.

"I never expected to get such a response for my music. What an incredible feeling to hear people sit and listen and appreciate the song." - Rob Lea

Rob plan's to keep performing his music across his tour and is planning on releasing his first album next year.

Here's a selection of some of our favourite photos from Majesty's Sold Out performance at the Fairfield Halls.

Where can I see Queen Tribute Band Majesty?

The band have only just begun, but they have an incredible diary to fit in and lots more exciting news to come in the future. So if you want to check out where Majesty - a Tribute to Queen are performing near you, head over to the Majesty Tour Page. Or why not join in the conversation by heading to the Majesty socials on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

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