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Here is where you can find out everything there is to know about the members of Majesty - a tribute to Queen.  Feel free to contact us if you have any messages for the band.


Keep Yourself Alive - Queen - Brian May

Liar - Queen - Freddie Mercury

Ogre Battle - Queen II - Freddie Mercury

Seven Seas Of Rhye - Queen II - Freddie Mercury

Brighton Rock - Sheer Heart Attack - Brian May

Killer Queen - Sheer Heart Attack - Freddie Mercury

Now I'm Here - Sheer Heart Attack - Brian May

Stone Cold Crazy - Sheer Heart Attack - Queen

Bring Back That Leroy Brown - Sheer Heart Attack - Freddie Mercury

In The Lap Of The Gods (Revisited) - Sheer Heart Attack - Freddie Mercury

Lazing In A Sunday Afternoon - A Night at the Opera - Freddie Mercury

You're My Best Friend - A Night at the Opera - John Deacon

39 - A Night at the Opera - Brian May

The Prophet Song - A Night at the Opera - Brian May

Love Of My Life - A Night at the Opera - Freddie Mercury

Bohemian Rhapsody - A Night at the Opera - Freddie Mercury

Tie Your Mother Down - A Day at the Races - Brian May

Somebody To Love - A Day at the Races - Freddie Mercury

Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy - A Day at the Races - Freddie Mercury

We Will Rock You - News of the World - Brian May

We Are The Champions - News of the World - Freddie Mercury

Get Down Make Love - News of the World - Freddie Mercury

Fat Bottomed Girls - Jazz - Brian May

Bicycle Race - Jazz - Freddie Mercury

Don't Stop Me Now - Jazz - Freddie Mercury

Play The Game - The Game - Freddie Mercury

Another One Bites The Dust - The Game - John Deacon

Crazy Little Thing Called Love - The Game - Freddie Mercury

Save Me - The Game - Brian May

Flash - Flash Gordon - Brian May

The Hero - Flash Gordon - Brian May

Under Pressure - Hot Space - David Bowie / Queen

Radio Ga Ga - The Works - Roger Taylor

Tear It Up - The Works - Brian May

It's A Hard Life - The Works - Freddie Mercury

I Want To Break Free - The Works - John Deacon

Hammer To Fall - The Works - Brian May

Is This The World We Created - The Works - Freddie Mercury / Brian May

One Vision - A Kind Of Magic - Queen

A Kind Of Magic - A Kind Of Magic - Roger Taylor

Friends Will Be Friends - A Kind Of Magic - John Deacon / Freddie Mercury

Who Wants To Live Forever - A Kind Of Magic - Brian May

I Want It All - The Miracle - Queen

Breakthru - The Miracle - Queen

Innuendo - Innuendo - Queen

Headlong - Innuendo - Queen

These Are The Days Of Our Lives - Innuendo - Queen

The Show Must Go On - Innuendo - Queen

It's A Beautiful Day - Made In Heaven - Queen

Too Much Love Will Kill You - Made In Heaven - May / Musker / Lamers

A tribute to Queen

We simply love Queen and are very proud to get the opportunity to perform their incredible music.

Our arrangements are very much based on the live interpretations that Queen performed at their many iconic shows.

That said, our arrangements are in the style of and not exact replicas.  We do this for two reasons.

One: We want to pay tribute to Queen in our own way, so often bring a little bit of ourselves to the music.

Two: Queen always played live and each night could be slightly different; so we also perform in a way that "Anything could happen." - It's much more fun for us and for you!

We love to hear what you think about what we do. Whether it's song suggestions, something you liked or didn't like, a version of a song from one of Queen's shows you think is awesome and we should look at, we want to know.

Or if you have attended one of our shows, we love to hear from you and see you pics and videos so feel free to contact us through our CONTACT PAGE or send us a message on FACEBOOK or TWITTER.

And finally - thank you to everyone who loves Queen and has supported us through the years, allowing us to rock with you guys again and again.

We do it all for you darlings!

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