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The backbone of Queen and the powerhouse that led the way to rock anthems such as "We will rock you".  Allow us to introduce our very own Roger James Campion.

James Campion

Roger Taylor

"I fell in love with drums from a very early age, it wasn't difficult as my dad is also a acomplished drummer in his own right.  After completing college I dove straight into the entertainment business, playing as a session musician for many different projects including a residnecy in the Blackpool Tower Circus orchestra.

As well as music, I became obsessed with live production.  Around 2010 I invested in my first PA and created my sound company Omega Sound Live.  Today, I provide sound and sound and light support to many different acts around the country.

It was in the early days of performing when I met Chris and Seth.  We had a love of the same music and formed our own originals band, Figaro Magnifico.  Though we didn't do many shows, we connected and a bond was formed.  Seth later asked me to do sound for a Queen tribute he was performing with, and it wasn't long before I was stepping into the role of Roger Taylor.

It's been an incredible experience performing as Roger for the past 6 years.  Playing these songs, you soon realize the skill and power Roger had, and it's an honour to be able to play and share this music with Queen fans around the world.

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