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The man who created some of the most recognized bass lines in music.  Allow us to introduce our very own John, Chris Holland.

Chris Holland

John Deacon

"I'm the tall bassist in Majesty amongst many other things, I'm also an independent film music composer and writer.  I've always been around musicians all my life.  As far back as I can rememeber I'd often be watching my fathers folk band "Woodbine Lizzie" and various other acts sing and entertain. Unfortunately my father passed away but my memories and his music live on.


It wasn't till my teenage years, that I fell in love with Rock music in particular, I was angry and very quiet, it was very loud and I became obsessed with learning wisdom from the gods of rock.  The guitar was my new voice.  I saved up and got a guitar that looked as though Keith Richards might have thrown up on it. I practiced all the time, undeterred by neighbours, cats, dogs and often to the detriment of my education.  I walked out of school to go play music, it was my escape.  I got into my first band, dressed up, wrote songs, played our first gigs absolutely sucked and the rest is history really.


After years of practice,hard work and divine inspiration from many talented musicians, I have been blessed to have shared many sights, sounds, smells and interesting experiences touring all over the globe for all sorts of lovely people including my previous band "Midas Fall" , who were fortunate enough to get a record deal with Monotreme Records in London.  I was featured on the album "Menagerie Inside" which was released worldwide.  We toured heavily throughout mainland Europe and the UK. 


After parting ways I found great solace in teaming up with my former band mates who today are known as "Majesty".  I love creating and performing music. Queen's music and attention to detail is a shining example of the music I admire."

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