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The worlds most iconic frontman.  Freddie Mercury is loved around the world.  Allow us to introduce our very own Freddie, Rob Lea..

Rob Lea

Freddie Mercury

"I, like many performing artists, have been doing it all my life.  From being a toddler, standing outside performing to the neighbours with a toy guitar and microphone, to rushing onto a stage in front of 50,000 people.  I've lived and breathed it all my life.

I trained at University in performing arts and completed a Masters degree in professional acting at Drama school.  Acting, singing and performing are what I live for.

Ever since leaving high school, I've made it my mission to make a career out of performing.  Which is why I ended up running away to the entertainment capital of Spain for a year, Benidorm.  I certainly built my confidence out there as it was a rather "in-your-face" kind of place.


When I returned, I wanted to make a real go at being a professional actor and over the years I have performed as an actor in films, television, commercials and theatre.  I have also written and recorded many songs over the years, from Rock and Pop tracks to full Orchestrations, the hope as always been that one day I could release my own music into the world.  If you would like to hear more, visit: -

I first started performing as Freddie Mercury back in 2010 when I joined already established touring tribute "Monarchy."  After an intensive year of getting to grips with Freddie, I became the front man for "Majesty - a Tribute to Queen."  So for the past decade I have been perfecting and learning more and more about portraying this iconic figure.  What I quickly learned is, if you go on stage with a great passion and love for the music, an audience will join you in believing for those couple of hours and when that happens it truely is a magical experience."

To learn more about Rob Lea, visit:

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