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Majesty - Live at Dorking Halls

Majesty were delighted to be back on the road once again following a long break, due to the recent shutdown of theatres across the country, in reaction to the world wide pandemic.

Majesty Returns to Live Shows

So it came to pass on June 12th 2021, Queen Tribute band Majesty were finally allowed to get on a stage and Rock! Due to restrictions around Covid 19, it had been six months since the band was able to play live. Indeed since the beginning of government lockdowns in March 2020, the band had only been able to play a handful of shows, all having to take place under government restrictions.

The return to live activity came at Dorking Halls in (no surprise) Dorking! It was in fact to be Majesty's first theatre show in a year. Government rules regarding social distancing did however, mean that the show could only have an audience limited to half the capacity of the venue. Despite such limitations, people were definitely determined to enjoy some live music again on a Saturday night.

It was a real pleasure for the band to see people enjoying themselves again after all the upheaval and uncertainty of the last sixteen months.

From 12 to 77 years old!

It was a truly emotional night at Dorking Halls, with an audience full of energy. Even though we had to restrict numbers so much due to social distancing, the audience made up for it in volume!

Here are some of the wonderful comments the band received:

It was indeed ‘a kind of magic’ what a great band you are. It was just wonderful to be at a show again. Glad we saw your first show of the year and best wishes for the rest of the tour. - Angie Gillard

Thank you for a brilliant night. Didn’t want it to end! Best night of 2021! - Rachel Claire

Amazing night thank you. We all plan to return and support you again. From a family aged from 12 to 77 years old all boogied the night away. 2 birthdays celebrated in one night of true Queen fans x - Suzanne Dallas

Further restrictions to theatres

After the elation of the weekend, it was very unfortunate that on Monday, June 14th the government of course decided to extend Covid restrictions beyond the original deadline of June 21st. Majesty, like many other performers, are now trying to revise, and where necessary reschedule events in the hope that concerts will be allowed to take place without restrictions beyond July 19th, but as always, the band live in hope and are getting ready to bring you all the majesty of Queen live on a stage near you very soon! If you loved reading about our night in Dorking, why not give it a share on your socials, or check out more by heading to our NEWS page!

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