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Queen Tribute Majesty - Live in Swansea

It was a full house as Majesty stormed the stage at Hogarth's Gin Bar in Swansea, performing a special Queen Tribute Rock Concert packed with Queen's greatest hits.

Queen Tribute Band Majesty - Live at Hogarths Swansea
Queen Tribute Band Majesty - Live at Hogarths Swansea

A kind of Magic

It was the second show of the weekend for Majesty, having performed the night before at Warner Leisure's beautiful historic Holme Lacy House Hotel in Hereford.

The people of Swansea packed the popular gin bar last night in anticipation for Queen Tribute Band Majesty's first set.

"I always get excited when we perform in Wales, because for the past 10 years now, every time I perform in Wales, it's an absolutely fantastic night! It must be something they put in the water because these guys were partying the night away!" - Seth Daniels, Freddie Mercury in Queen Tribute Band Majesty.

Hogarths Gin Bar, Swansea
Hogarths Gin Bar, Swansea

Majesty Rocks Hogarths

Hogarth's Queen Tribute night has been the talk of the town, with all of the staff spreading the word about the event which saw a packed audience rocking out to some Queen Classics. When Majesty returned for the second set, everyone was ready to rock!

Queen Tribute Band Majesty - Live in Hogarths Swansea
Queen Tribute Band Majesty - Live in Hogarths Swansea

"The thing that makes us most proud is hearing all of the amazing feedback from the audience after the show. No matter how many times someone says to you "You're the best band we've had in here." you never get used to that. One chap said that he's never seen the pub give a standing ovation before, and do you know what, I don't think I have ever seen that. We're truly honoured to receive such amazing support. Long live Queen" - Chris Holland, John Deacon in Queen Tribute Band Majesty.

The boys from Majesty put together this special video as a thank you for the wonderful night.

Majesty hit the road again

Queen Tribute Majesty are on their way to perform their third show of the weekend on the lead up to a New Years Queen Spectacular at Leeds Grosvenor Casino, where Brian and Freddie, Peter Southern and Seth Daniels will be performing a special set for the people of Leeds.

Tonight's show will see Majesty welcomed back at the beautiful Sinah Warren Hotel on Hayling Island. Majesty have performed at Warner's historic hotels for the past 10 years and there is no sign of stopping, as Majesty have already booked a selection of Warner Leisure hotel Queen Tribute shows across 2019.

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Seth Daniels as Freddie Mercury in Queen Tribute Band Majesty
Seth Daniels as Freddie Mercury in Queen Tribute Band Majesty

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