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Top 10 Queen Tribute Bands in the World

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Let's face it, music isn't the same as it used to be.

It's amazing to think that bands like Queen are so popular even to this day. It's no wonder some of the biggest music acts touring the world right now are tribute acts. The world miss these iconic bands. They miss the energy and excitement that they brought to the stage.

Performing as a tribute band is probably one of the most difficult things to do in the music business. Not only are you put under intense scrutiny to live up to the bands reputation, you have the burden of bringing all the magic that an audience member felt back to the stage. For most it's near impossible - for Queen it is impossible!

Queen and Freddie Mercury brought some of the biggest Live Concerts to the world and are still to this day known as the greatest Live performance act. So for a Queen Covers Band, it's an impossible task to represent them on stage.

Still, some brave souls take on the task of filling these Rock Giant's boots to bring the magic of Queen back to the stage.

The Worlds Best Queen Tribute Bands

We have searched hi and low, all over the globe to find our top 10 Queen covers bands. From their looks, to their voice and their on stage persona, we have put together our list of who we think are the Worlds Greatest Tribute Band to Queen.

1. Majesty - A Tribute To Queen

Majesty have quickly become one of the biggest touring Queen Tribute Bands in the world. With their electrifying live performances and their meticulous recreation of Queen's iconic sound.

What make's Majesty the worlds greatest Queen Tribute. Well it's partly because we're extremely biased, but also because Majesty offer the closest experience to reliving Queen from their heyday. There are bands that sound more like Queen, there are bands that look more like Queen, but Majesty offer a little piece of everything. From screaming guitars, to the most powerful vocals. From explosive energy to the subtle modesty of the band. These guys deliver a tribute show which is born from a deep routed love of the music and Majesty of Queen.

Majesty is fronted by Actor and Musician Rob Lea. As a trained actor, Rob approaches the role of Freddie Mercury in a completely different way from most other tributes. His energy and on stage persona is unrivalled. It's clear to see from the reactions of his fans why Rob is known as one of the best impersonators in the world.

Majesty is joined by some of the UK's best musicians, including veteran guitarist Peter Southern, who performs as Brian May. Not only does Peter play Brian's melodic licks to perfection, he has clearly spent a lot of time refining Brian's guitar sound.

Majesty are currently performing around the world in countries such as UK, Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Dubai, Estonia, India, USA and many more. Check them out at MAJESTY'S FACEBOOK PAGE.

2. Marc Martel / Queen Extravaganza

Marc Martel is without doubt the closest sounding vocal impersonators in the world today. Originally part of Queen's very own tribute show - The Queen Extravaganza which we would also include as number 2 in our list, Marc now tours the world in his own show paying tribute to the music of Queen amongst other iconic songs.

Marc is also a prolific musician and song writer. Having performed in his original's band, he put that aside to tour as a solo performer.

So why number 2. Well, forgetting the biased nature of this article again, if you want to hear the closest sounding Queen Tribute in the world, Marc Martel is a must. but when it comes to the spirit of Queen and the energy of their live performances this isn't the show for that.

Marc delivers an incredible show, but he very much sells himself as an original artist in his own right - and so he should, but if you are after experiencing the magic that Queen brought to the stage, or you want to see Queen in all the costume and glamour, then this doesn't deliver that. Still a must see show if you manage to catch him.

3. Gary Mullens and the Works

When you hear the name Gary Mullens you immediately think of Freddie Mercury. You may remember Gary when he first stepped on to the stage as Freddie back in the year 2000 when he appeared on ITV's "Stars in their Eyes."

From there, Gary went on to become the Grand Final Winner. That's right - Gary pretty much one the best tribute in the world competition!

He now tours extensively across the globe with his hit sell out show - One Night of Queen. His powerful vocals and energy is one of the best interpretations of Freddie Mercury in the world.

Gary comes in at number 3 on our list due to the fact that the rest of the band don't portray Queen. One Night of Queen showcases Freddie Mercury and doesn't explore the relationship between the other three members of the band.

That said, the production is one of the biggest touring Queen productions apart from Queen themselves and pulls out all the stops to put on a fantastic night of Queen's greatest hits!

4. Dios Salve a la Reina - God Save The Queen

Dios Slave a la Reina offer an exceptional stage production. With huge lighting, huge sound and an enormous amount of energy. They have toured extensively around the world in South America, Spain, USA and Europe.

Their hit show - God Save The Queen has seen great success with the band performing at theatres and festivals which range from thousands to hundreds of thousands.

This band come highly recommended at the number 4 slot on our best Queen Tribute Bands in the world for their amazing production and spellbinding stage presence. All the members of the band have a great look and energy and all do a fantastic job of portraying their parts.

5. Mercury - Queen Tribute Band

Mercury have been entertaining audiences for 20 years. In fact they are currently celebrating 20 years since they started performing with their 20th Anniversary Tour.

In 2013 they won the National UK Tribute Awards and it's clear why from their dedicated fan base and sell out shows.

Joseph Lee Jackson dons the yellow jacket in Mercury and in our opinion has one of the most authentic and powerful voices of all of our Queen Tributes. He is accompanied by a group of talented UK musicians who have years of experience performing the music.

In 2009, Mercury were honoured to be asked by Freddie's family to be part of the unveiling of the UK's first permanent memorial to Freddie Mercury at Feltham in South London. They are praised by Freddie's mother Her Bulsara for being the next best thing to Queen.

Mercury earn the 5th spot in our top 10 Queen cover bands for their near perfect interpretation of Queen's Live sound. They put on a fantastic show, and though it doesn't have the same hi level of impact and energy as Queen, there is no doubting the sound this band produce is amazing.

6. Bulsara and His Queenies

Bulsara and His Queenies are relatively new on the tribute scene but they have been creating waves across the UK and Europe with their stripped back presentation of Queen's music. The band don't dress as Queen, but they boast to be the most authentic sounding Queen Tribute around right now and frankly, we believe them!

The band pay homage to the studio recordings rather than live arrangements and often base their tours around particular albums which is one of the reasons they are so popular with die hard Queen Fans.

For the past 3 years they have headlined the official Freddie Mercury birthday party in Montreux hosted by The Mercury Phoenix Trust.

Fronted by Gareth Taylor, Gareth pays homage to Freddie Mercury in his own special way. Staying clear of the 'pastiche' of imitating Freddie and focusing on delivering an exceptional vocal performance.

With a brand new line-up, Bulsara and His Queenies are embarking on Tour of UK 02 Academy venues, performing the whole of "The Game" along with a selection of greatest hits.

If you want to see a unique presentation of Queen's catalogue, from hits to deeper cuts as well as experience an impeccable recreation of Queen's studio recordings, than Bulsara and His Queenies is definitely worth booking!

7. Regina - Queen Tribute Band

We bring a fantastic Italian Queen Tribute Band to our top 10 Queen Tributes - Regina. For us we took notice of Regina from watching their frontman and Freddie Mercury Diego Regina. From watching Diego, it's almost uncanny at times how much he looks like Freddie. His voice is strong and full of character and he has a natural embodiment of Mer Mercury.

Regina have been around for years, but their recent line up which so Diego take Regina to a new level has seen amazing success across Europe.

Regina often headline international festivals, tour extensively across Italy and abroad at theatres and amphitheatres.

For us, it's a joy to see someone who has such a natural look and character of Freddie Mercury on the stage and that's one of the big reasons Regina make our top 10 Queen Tribute Bands in the World.

If you get chance to see Diego in action with his band Regina, you'll be left rubbing your eyes with how much he looks like Freddie.

8. Supreme Queen

These guys have been touring across the UK for a good number of years under different names, but Supreme Queen is their brand new show which launched in 2019. They have stormed onto the UK theatre scene with a fantastic stage production.

Scott Maley does an exceptional job of portraying Freddie Mercury, with a deep, gritty and powerful vocal similar to Freddie in the mid 80s. Scott is joined by a number of musicians who collectively have years of experience performing in a variety of Queen Tributes around the UK.

Even though in its early days of touring, we can see big things for Supreme Queen and have no doubt their shows will get bigger and better as time goes on.

If you manage to catch Supreme Queen on tour, you'll be in for a fantastic night of Queen's greatest hits and this is why Supreme Queen make our top 10 Queen Tributes at number 8!

9. Pure Queen

Pure Queen come in at number 9 on our Top 10 Queen Tribute Bands. They are made up of an amazing group of musicians that do an exceptional job of bringing Queen's Live interpretations to the stage.

Pure Queen have been going from strength to strength. Originally starting off as a Freddie and Brian duo, the band started to have some success and eventually landed their feet within UK theatres.

They mostly portray Queen from their 1986 Wembley show and pay tribute to the arrangements of that particular show, but do an exceptional job of it.

They are currently touring independently and as part of the Radio Ga Ga show, which is currently touring around the UK and Europe.

Pure Queen will have you up dancing and clapping with a night of nostalgia.

10. Flash - a Tribute to Queen

Last, but certainly not least is UK Queen Tribute Flash. Flash clearly put a lot of effort into their stage productions, with fantastic costume, lighting and a rocking sound. Their show is full of energy and are no doubt big fans of Queen's iconic catalogue of music.

Although this Freddie doesn't sound too much like Freddie, hi brings a huge amount of energy and fun to the stage. His attitude is infectious and quickly have the audience clapping and cheering.

The band comes together in perfect union with the rest of the musicians who deliver hit after hit throughout the night.

Flash make it into our top 10 Queen Tribute Bands at number 10, but let us assure you that an evening with Flash will leave you wanting more and more from these guys.

What's your favourite Queen Tribute

So there you have it! The worlds best Queen Tribute Bands in our humble opinion. Of course if we have missed any one off who you feel deserves to be on hear, please get in touch by commenting below!!

Or join in the conversation at The @UKQueenTribute FACEBOOK or TWITTER page! And God Save Queen!!!!

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Simon Bateman
Simon Bateman

There is a lot of talent out there. Given the earlier comments you might want to make the list a top 15. If you do, please include The Bohemians who are at least as good as most of the above.


Julie Hutchings
Julie Hutchings



Amande Campbell
Amande Campbell

Pure Queen we're amazing in Pelsall Community Centre last night. Even with an audience with an average age of 80 they didn't fail to bring the energy. Besides my family danced enough for everyone! Excellent night.


We saw Almost Queen in Altoona Pa. They were awesome hope to see them again soon.

Holly Grace
Holly Grace

Yes, I've seen them several times - excellent!! My husband just landed front row seats in Reading, PA in February - so psyched. It's his first time seeing them.


Joan Herpich Prichard
Joan Herpich Prichard

Queen Nation should be in this list.

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