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Queen Quiz - Sheer Heart Attack (Album)

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Queen released their third studio album Sheer Heart Attack on 8 November 1974.

It was a combination of recordings from four different studios between July and September.

To date, It has spent a total of 74 weeks within the Official UK Top100 albums charts

At the time of recording the album, Brian May was recovering from Hepatitis that he had contracted whilst on tour in America, meaning that he was absent from many of the recording sessions. It was only in the relatively late stages of the recording that Brian May was available to record the guitar and vocal parts. Although not the most ideal way of producing an album, it certainly is not evident within the final work.

Sheer Heart Attack remains a firm fan favourite and is consistently voted in the top 5 favourite albums in fan polls.

Front Cover of Video Single Who Wants To Live Forever

To celebrate the anniversary of the release, this week's quiz poses questions about the Queen studio album Sheer Heart Attack.


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In our last quiz, we posed five questions to celebrate the anniversary of the release of Queen's compilation album Queen Rocks.

Did you participate and get all 5?

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We first started to produce our weekly midweek Queen quiz in May 2019.

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