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Queen Quiz - Who Wants To Live Forever

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

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On the 20th of October in 1986, Queen released their VHS video single Who Wants To Live Forever / A Kind Of Magic.

The video for Who Wants To Live Forever was filmed in September 1986 at a (now demolished) warehouse at Tobacco Wharf in the east end of London. The video featured the National Philharmonic Orchestra, together with forty choirboys and hundreds and hundreds of candles, all of which had to remain lit throughout filming. The conductor was Michael Kamen, who composed most of the music for Russell Mulcahy's movie Highlander (from which the song was taken)

The released version contained snippets of the movie Highlander; this video can also be found as an “Easter Egg” (hidden feature) on the Greatest Video Hits 2 DVD.

A more common version is often seen; this version lacked the Highlander snippets and just featured the footage shot in the warehouse. This is the version that was later included on the Greatest Flix II VHS and the Greatest Video Hits 2 DVD.

To celebrate the anniversary of the release, this week's quiz poses questions about the Queen song, Who Wants To Live Forever.

Front Cover of Video Single Who Wants To Live Forever


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