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Queen Quiz - Under Pressure

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

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Under Pressure was recorded in Montreux at Queen’s Mountain Studios, close to where David Bowie was living.

During a jamming session involving Queen and David Bowie, they improvised around an unfinished Queen song that had the working title Feel Like, which ultimately after mixing was released as Under Pressure.

The iconic bass riff of Under Pressure comprises only seven notes, six of them being identical. The riff was devised by John Deacon shortly before the band had stopped for a meal break, however, on returning to the studio later, John had no recollection of what he had done earlier. Fortunately, Roger remembered it and all was thankfully saved.

Under Pressure was released as a single shortly after its completion, over six months ahead of the album it would end up on.

In 1990, Vanilla Ice had released Ice Ice Baby which had sampled the bassline of Under Pressure. This led to controversy, which Vanilla Ice first denied and then went on to say that he had modified it. As no songwriting credit or royalties were given to Queen and David Bowie, a lawsuit was issued. This resulted in David Bowie and all the members of Queen being given songwriting credit for the sample.


To celebrate the anniversary of the release, this week's quiz poses questions about the Queen & David Bowie song, Under Pressure.

7" Side A - Queen & David Bowie Under Pressure


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