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Queen Tribute Majesty - Live at Sinah Warren

It was penultimate show of the weekend for Queen Tribute Majesty on the lead up to New Years Eve. Performing a selection of Queen Mega Hits, Majesty took to the stage at the Warner Leisure's fabulous Sinah Warren Hotel on Hayling Island.

Queen Tribute New Years Eve Celebration

Warner's beautiful historic venue on Hayling Island is hosting their annual New Years Celebration and what better way to start the celebrations of than by rocking to a selection of Queen's greatest hits.

"The theatre space in Sinah Warren is absolutely magnificent. One thing we love about Warner Leisure Hotels is the fact that they invest a lot of time and money in producing fantastic shows, and they invest in the best equipment to support those shows. It's an absolute pleasure to perform in these spaces." - Seth Daniels, Freddie Mercury in Queen Tribute Band Majesty.

Investing in Entertainment

Queen Tribute Majesty had the honour of being invited to join the New Years break at Sinah Warren and got the chance to perform in Sinah Warren's newly refurbished entertainment theatre.

The hotel has had a £1,000,000 investment in the space, with beautiful decor and top of the range lights and sound to support their 5 star in house productions. The venue also boasts a fantastic resident band "The Sailaways" who effortlessly entertain the audience with there fantastic musical arrangements.

Queen Rock at Sinah Warren

"We always get a little nervous before performing at Warners, because at the end of the day we're quite a heavy rock band and that's not always everyones cup of tea, but time and time again we are bowled over by the response from the audiences at Warners Hotels, which just goes to show the power of this music." - Peter Southern, Queen Tribute Band Majesty.

Queen Tribute Band Majesty - Live at Sinah Warren
Queen Tribute Band Majesty - Live at Sinah Warren

Majesty performed a set which included a special arrangement of rock n roll classics (just like Queen performed in their own iconic shows) as well as a selection of Queen's Greatest Hits such as Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Radio Ga Ga, Bohemian Rhapsody, We Are The Champions and many more and it wasn't long until the whole room were on their feet dancing the night away.

New Years Eve Queen Tribute Night

Tonight will see Majesty's very own Freddie and Brian, Seth Daniels and Peter Southern perform a special duo set of Queen Mega Hits at Leed's G Casino on the lead up to the New Years Countdown.

This comes at the end of four consecutive shows that saw the very best of the country's spirit for celebrating the year. Starting at Warner Leisure's beautiful Holme Lacy House Hotel in Hereford before moving on to a special rock concert in Hogarth's Gin Bar in the heart of Swansea, then on to last nights Queen Extravaganza at Warner's Sinah Warren Hotel.

Majesty on Tour

If you would like to know where and when Queen Tribute Band Majesty will be performing near you in 2019, head over to the band's TOUR page or SUBSCRIBE to keep up to date with the latest events and news.

Do you love social media? Well you can keep up to date with the latest events and happenings with Majesty on their FACEBOOK and TWITTER pages.

Why not join in the conversation, by joining the Majesty Queen COMMUNITY, where you can comment, share or create your own conversations about the greatest rock band in the world - QUEEN!

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