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The top 5 Queen Tributes in the UK.

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Love them or hate them, Tribute bands have the exceptionally hard job of portraying iconic artists and none come more difficult than Freddie Mercury and Queen!

Here are our top 5 tributes to the worlds number 1 Rock Band - Queen.

Majesty - a tribute to Queen

Majesty - a tribute to Queen are relatively new compared to the careers of others, however, over the years Majesty have started making waves and turning heads for the powerful commanding performances. Now approaching their tenth year, Majesty are becoming known as one of the greatest Tribute Bands in the world right now, touring extensively across the UK and beyond in countries such as Estonia, India, South America, USA, Dubai, Bahrain, Greece, Germany and many more.

Fronted by Actor Seth Daniels, Seth finds a way of delivering an extremelly energetic, unrelenting performance which pays homage to Freddie Mercury in the best possible way. The band have a maticulous nature of trying to capture the sound of Queen and completely make it their own, which shows through their infectious energy and sharp musicianship.

Peter Southern is simply one of the best Brian May performers in the business at the moment, and its this partnership with Seth Daniels which makes the band so unique. Queen often say, Freddie was one of a kind, but Queen only worked because each member brought something unique. Majesty show the importance of this, as each member has clearly studied not only the music, but how they fit into what made Queen so special.

If you are after a show which truly captures the raw power and energy of Queen in their prime, then Majesty is a show not to be missed!

One night of Queen - Gary Mullen’s and the Works

Gary Mullens - One night of Queen - Queen Tribute

Gary Mullen first found fame when his family secretly entered him into “Stars in your Eyes” back in the year 2000. Gary set a record for votes on the show with near a million votes for the Grand Final.

Since then Gary Mullen has toured around the world performing hundreds of shows a year in the UK, Europe, USA and New Zealand.

Gary Mullen's - One night of Queen, is without doubt one of the best Queen Tributes in the world. The detail of Gary's performance clearly shows his love and adoration for Freddie Mercury and Queen.

Killer Queen - The Premier tribute to Queen

Headed by Patrick Myers, Killer Queen have been quickly become one of the worlds leading Queen tributes. Since their first show in 1993, Killer Queen have gone from strength to strength, performing at theatres and Arenas around the world.

Killer Queen have won countless awards for their spectacular concerts, and even appear on "The Real Life" by Fat Boy Slim, when they were asked to recreate Queen's famous harmonies.

In 2006, Killer Queen had the honour of being asked to be part of Sir Bob Geldof's restaged tribute to Live Aid, which featured other huge tributes such as "Bjorn Again" and "The Bootleg Beatles".

Killer Queen's reputation for staging spectacular stage shows are one of the many reasons you should find the time to watch them live in concert.

Mercury - Queen Tribute

Mercury are well established as one of the UK's premier Queen Tribute bands. In 2013 they were winners of the National UK Tribute Awards, and with over 15 years touring the UK it's understandable why audiences come and see them time and time again.

Mercury is fronted by Joseph Lee Jackson, Joseph is known for his powerful voice. He recreates the sound of Freddie with ease, and is backed by extremelly tallented musicians who have worked hard to recreate the Queen signature sound for over a decade.

Mercury were honoured to be asked by Freddie's family to unveil the UK's first permanent memorial to the life and work of Freddie Mercury at Feltham, South London back in 2009. Freddie's mum Jer Bulsara, praises the band at being the next best thing to Queen.

Mercury are currently touring UK theatres.

The Bohemians - Queen Greatest Hits

Freddie Mercury and Queen were renowned for their magnitude of energy, and that is exactly what The Bohemians deliver. The Bohemians have seen great success touring the UK and Europe and the rest of the world. Known for their spectacular "balls" when performing the iconic mega hits of Queen.

Fronted by singer and musician Rob Comber, his outragious persona and fantastic musicianship shows why he is a much loved character for audiences around the UK and since forming the band back in 1996, The Bohemians have progressively got stronger and stronger.

Their show, which is packed to the brim with Queen's greatest hits, is known throughout the world for its high energy, none stop attack, always gets the audience into a frenzy.

The Bohemians are currently touring the UK and beyond.


If you're a fan of Queen why not check out more videos at the UK's Number 1 Queen Tribute Band YOUTUBE.

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Excellent reminded me of my dad he was my hero and I watched him die of lung cancer I also had cervical cancer I lived he never he died three months later still can't get my head around it miss him so much it hurts 💔 😢

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