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Seeing "Majesty - Queen Tribute Band" for the first time.

Back in June 2017 me and my mum were on our local pier (The Britannia Pier in Great Yarmouth.) The theatre on there were advertising shows coming up. The one poster that stuck out was a Queen Tribute Band.

Fantastic as my fiance is a huge Queen fan and his birthday was coming up in a couple of months. I purchased tickets for us both and so did my mum for herself, my aunt and my uncle as the same month as my fiance birthday is my uncle's and his a Queen fan as well.

The Night of the Show

Aug 17th was the night for the show. The 5 of us had very good seats, we were sat in the stalls, if I remember rightly we were about 10 rows from the stage, had a very good view as well. We were all sat in our seats looking forward for the show to start. When it started I turned to Dale (my fiancé) and said "I don't know this song" and he looked at me, smiled and shook his head, and the next song I hadn't heard before but I was still dancing in my seat. Dale on the other hand was dancing and singing away. And then songs I knew ☺

We Love Freddie Mercury

As soon as Seth - #FreddieMercury started singing, wow what a voice. During the interval Dale said to me how wonderful Seth's voice is and how much he thought he sounded like Freddie and how fantastic his mannerisms to Freddie are. We all had a fantastic night.

The interaction Seth has with the audience is great, he has you joining in, i do like audience participation. The 3 guys that play Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon are fantastic musicians and I would recommend everyone to go and see Majesty Queen Tribute.

A Fan for life!

Since seeing this fantastic Queen Tribute show I have seen it another 4 times. Have got to meet all 4 guys who are all very friendly. Looking forward to seeing Majesty Queen Tribute next year at Gunton Hall and hopefully Ipswich.

Here are a few pics:

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