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Raising money for the MPT

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

If you were travelling on the tube in London on the 24th October, you may have heard Queen being performed all over London. Queen in conjunction with Youtube music, worked with London transport to take over 38 of London's best busking spots, handing them over to 100s of tallented musicians and singers to perform the hits of Queen.

Raising money for the Mercury Phoenix Trust

Along with hundreds of musicians and singers, Majesty took the the stage at Euston's Underground station to play an hour set of Queen music all to raise money for the Mercury Phoenix Trust. Youtube Music kindly stepped in to match fund any donations that we're given over the course of the day, and we're pleased to announce it was a great success.

Champions of the Underground

As part of the celebrations, Majesty's Freddie Mercury and Brian May, Seth Daniels and Peter Southern were asked to film a special video to celebrate the hard work of everyone that took part in raising money for the Mercury Phoenix Trust. From the Musicians and Performers, to the volunteers and staff around the stations, everyone threw themselves into making the day special, and at the same time got to listen to some fantastic music throughout the day.

Bohemian Rhapsody

This of course was to celebrate the world wide premiere of the Queen Biopic film, Bohemian Rhapsody. Seth Daniels and Peter Southern were honoured to be invited down to attend the world premiere, which took place at Wembley's SSE Arena, right next to the stadium which saw them steal the show at LIVE AID in 1985.

"It was an overwhelming experience, seeing thousands of Queen fans celebrating Freddie's life through the film was an emotional rollercoaster. The music in that film was electric and the performances were unreal. It was an honour to be a part of the celebrations." says Seth Daniels after completing the video shoot for the Champions of the Underground celebration.

You can see the video on Queen's website and YouTube page as well as Majesty's YouTube page.

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Great couple of days in London for the movie premiere and Champions of Underground.

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