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Queen Tribute Majesty - Live in Birstall

Last night, Majesty continued their #Christmas Queen Tribute Tour by performing at the wonderful Birstall Social Club in the heart of #Birstall.

Majesty Queen Tribute Band - Live at Birstall Social Club
Majesty Queen Tribute Band - Live at Birstall Social Club

Queen at Christmas

Queen Tribute Band Majesty continue their Christmas Tour after a fantastic number of shows at Melksham Assembly Hall in Melksham, The Exchange Theatre in Sturminster and the Adelphi Hotel in Liverpool.

"We've been on a bit of a wild ride this Christmas and have had some unbelievable audiences, and the people of Birstall were no exception. From the first song they were up on their feet. When that happens you know it's going to be a great night!" - Peter Southern, Brian May in Queen Tribute Band Majesty.

A special thank you from Majesty - a tribute to Queen

As has become a custom now with Majesty, the boys have put together a special thank you video to the amazing audience that created an electrifying atmosphere.

"This is why we do these shows. Seeing people let loose and party is all the reward we could ask for. It's what music is for, to let go and enjoy the moment and we can't thank everyone enough for giving it their all!" - Seth Daniels, Freddie Mercury in Queen Tribute Band Majesty.

Queen on the Road

Queen Tribute Band Majesty continue their UK Christmas Tour with tonight's sell out show at the Webbington Spa Hotel in #Somerset where they will be playing a One Hour Set of hard hitting Queen Mega Hits.

If you would like to catch Majesty in the New Year, you can check out all of the upcoming shows on the Majesty TOUR PAGE.

Alternatively, you can SUBSCRIBE to keep up to date with latest show announcements, news and competitions from the UK's Number One Queen Tribute Band, Majesty.

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