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Pontins 48 Hour Party

Majesty had the honour of closing the show at this years 80s 48 Hour Party Weekender, one of the UKs biggest weekend festivals in the UK organised and hosted by Pontins. The 2 day weekend festival which took place at Pontin's - Prestatyn, featured a host of 80s nostalgia with recognisable acts from around the UK.

Majesty took the stage in Prestatyn after a storming set from Go West. Bounding on stage with all the magic and energy rock legends Queen are known for, the audience immediately responded and joined in from start to finish.

"There is no better feeling than seeing a sea of people singing along with you. It's always a thing in your mind when you're paying tribute to a legendary band that there is a level of judgement when you step on a stage, but we hope that by putting our hearts into the performance, the audiences will come on the ride with you, and the audience at Pontin's in Prestatyn did not fail. It's a spectacular sight!" - Says Bass player Chris Holland who pays tribute to John Deacon in Majesty.

The team at Pontin's were very kind with there amazing comments about Majesty's set, and the boys want to thank the fantastic support of fans of the band who got in touch after the show to share their comments. Your continued support and love for Queen is the reason Queen Tribute Majesty continure to perform.

Long Live Queen!

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