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Norden Farm

This weekend Majesty take to the stage to perform their new show “ Anthem - the ultimate Queen concert show

Produced by Majesty in conjunction with grt entertainment group, Majesty are set to perform a series of theatres around the country performing some of Queen’s most iconic songs in a brand new format.

“We’re very excited about this show, we’ve taken great inspiration from some of the many arrangements Queen put together over the years and the set really Rocks, can’t wait to perform it” says Majesty’s Freddie Mercury - Seth Daniels.

Peter Southern who plays Brian May had this to say about the upcoming tour.

“We’ve played many different sets, at many different venues over the last 8 years, but this one has a real mix of old and new, we love it.”

So be sure to hear all your favourites and a few surprises as Majesty take to the stage this Saturday 27th January 2018, at the Norden Farm theatre .

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