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Mine And Other Peoples First Time Seeing "Majesty Queen Tribute"

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

My First Time Seeing "Majesty Queen Tribute".

I first saw this fantastic Band on August 17th 2017. Back in June 2017,me and my mum were on our local pier (The Britannia Pier in Great Yarmouth.) The theatre on there were advertising shows coming up. The one poster that stuck out was a Queen Tribute Band. Fantastic as my fiance is a huge Queen fan and his birthday was coming up in a couple of months. I purchased tickets for us both and so did my mum for herself, my aunt and my uncle as his birthday is the same month as my fiance's, he is a Queen fan as well. We all had a fantastic night. We were all very impressed with Freddie(Seth Daniels) what a wonderful voice he has and the interaction he has with the audience is great. We were also impressed with The 3 guys that play Brian May(Peter Southern)Roger Taylor

(James Campion ) and John Deacon(Chris Holland),they are fantastic musicians. I have since seen the show in Potters Bar, St Ives, Clacton and Skegness. Looking forward to seeing the show and the guys on March the 17th in Lowestoft and then on April 5th in Ipswich.


On "Majesty Queen Tribute" FaceBook page I posted this post which "Majesty Queen Tribute" shared........

My Post On "Majesty Queen Tribute" FaceBook Page.

Hello Fans of Majesty. I need your help please for a blog. How long have you known Majesty for, How did you hear about them, where have you seen them perform etc?

Response Back From People.

Kyrie Gemma Baldwin "I was scrolling through my Facebook timeline I had been looking at alot of Queen and Bohemian Rhapsody pages I saw an advert for Majesty at the Catford Broadway Theatre and was instantly intrigued I have since looked at videos on YouTube and videos from fans on their Facebook page and I have to say I adore them I can't wait for my turn to see them in April it will be fabulous 😊😊"

Queen Tribute Band Majesty commented to Kyrie...... "Kyrie that’s lovely. We look forward to seeing you there x"

Kyrie Gemma Baldwin commented to Majesty........... Queen Tribute Band - Majesty just being honest. I really can't wait it will be a night to remember and hopefully the first of many :-) I look forward to seeing you too I'm only in row C so 2 rows from the front x

Sharon Page "Me and my partner meet them 2018 at Crewe lycuem. I brought tickets as Valentine's gift as he's a big queen fan. what a night am amazing tribute band. love them totally. my partner said I'd never top that gift .we want to see them again soon xxx"

Andy Molyneux "Sharon Page I'm her partner and we had a great evening. In Crewe. They are as much a fan of Queen as I am. I sang my heart out to every song. Loved every minute of it. Rock on dudes! !!!!"

Wendy Schofield "Hi lyn, I first saw this brilliant band at Oake Manor in January this year, I thought they were absolutely brilliant and so happy they are coming back again in July, already have my tickets, love them"

Julian Linsel "Hi Lyn, I saw Majesty at the town hall theatre in hartlepool last November. I mainly went as I'm a big fan of Queen. I was astonished at how good the band was on the night. The night was filled with classic queen songs as well as a couple that bands don't usually tackle due to their complexity. Majesty had no problem at all, with great vocals, cracking guitarists and a fab drummer, the band made it a night to remember. Also they skilfully encouraged audience participation. Hope the band return to hartlepool soon as I'll be the first in line for a ticket."

Gail Paul "Hiya,i saw Majesty at Maesteg Town Hall on 23rd Feb 2019(day before my birthday)!! Every part of the show was amazing,they got the audience involved too,even a meet and greet after the show!....if they come around my area again,i would go.

Julie Carter "Saw this great band at hartlepool town hall, they were amazing. Took my 13yr old daughter who is a massive queen fan. She thoroughly enjoyed it(shes hard to please)"

Julie Russell "Saw them for the first time on Friday at Burgess Hall in st Ives cambridgeshire. Fantastic show. Brian's wig bit dodgy but wow what musicians. Brilliant."

Teresa Fiske Davis "We saw them about 15 months ago at Warners Cricket St Thomas. Brilliant - they exceeded our expectations!"

Sarahlou O'Connor "Saw them for the first time on my hen weekend at cambersands 80s weekend they were amazing would love to see them again"

Trebor Setab "Saw them at Darwen live last year I think it was and they were awesome"

Anita Steele "Saw them last Friday for the first time."

In Touch With Supporters Of "Majesty Queen Tribute"

Since I've been Blogging for "Majesty Queen Tribute" I am in touch through messenger with other supporters of theirs. I've been in touch with these people and asked them the same question that I asked on "Majesty Queen Tribute" FaceBook page, this is what they told me...........

Anne Adams "Have only seen them three times in West Wales they are the best Queen tribute band ever"

Susan Hookway "We moved to the Melksham area in 2017 that was the first time we have seen them. We heard about them from the assembly halls web page of events as were we investigating the area. We have only seen them twice at Melksham but definitely planning in seeing them this year also at the halls."

Sue Allard

"I have only seen Majesty twice but now I have found them I will be stalking them wherever they are 😊 I have seen them at my local venue the Exchange in Sturminster Newton Dorset, I heard about them from some friends."

A Big Thank you.

I want to say a big Thank you to everyone with their input on when they first say "Majesty Queen Tribute".

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