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Majesty's Performance At Broadway Theatre Catford (26.4.19)

On Friday 26th April 2019 "Majesty Queen Tribute Band" performed their fantastic show at The Broadway Theatre, Catford.

Built in 1932, this striking art deco theatre at the heart of Catford runs an eclectic programme of plays, comedy, music and community events. It has two auditoriums, an 900-seat main theatre and a small 80-seat studio theatre. Its programme consists of a diverse mix of theatre and music, including a pantomime season featuring star names, stand up comedy, nostalgia shows, drama and children's theatre.

Majesty's Facebook Page.

On Majesty's FaceBook page these are the songs that the Audience said they wanted to hear...…......

‎Kelly Jane Hanley‎ To Majesty

“You guys were fab last night thank you for a great night.”

‎Stella Edgell‎ To Majesty

“Best night EVER!!! 🎸❤️🎸❤️🎸❤️”


Eddie Bingham‎ To Majesty

“Just got back from seeing Majesty live at the Broadway Theatre in Catford. Loved every minute of it, I only wish they could have done a few more. If you guys want any more songs to do, may I recommend Liar, The Seven Seas of Rhye, Now I'm Here, I'm In Love With My Car, Sheer Heart Attack, Action This Day (but with actual guitar unlike the studio version and more like the live versions), and maybe No One But You (Only The Good Die Young) to finish it. But fantastic work guys, keep it up”

Majesty To Eddie

“Great selection Eddie, we’ll definitely do some of those next time! You just let us know when you see us next and I’ll make sure we put them in! 🤘🤘🤘🎸🎸🎸”

Jessica Gandoff‎ To Majesty

“You guys were fabulous”

Majesty To Jessica

“No you were fabulous dear. Absolutely rocked it!” 🤘🤘🤘🤘

‎Andrew Mark Grice‎ To Majesty

“Thank you for a fantastic show at Lewisham Broadway Theatre..”

Majesty To Jessica

“You’re bloody welcome Andrew. You guys were amazing! 🤘🤘🤘”

Daniel Green‎ To Majesty

“Amazing performance tonight”

Majesty To Daniel

“Thank you Daniel. We were bowled over with how you guys rocked tonight, !”

Eliz Yusuf‎ To Majesty

“ ‘I love my car’ or my favourite ‘show must go on’! It’s my 18th birthday and this is an awesome end to the day”

Majesty To Eliz

“Great songs Eliz!” We’ll definitely play one of those next time! ❤️❤️”

Alex Frost‎ To Majesty

“We are the champions... Please!! To end”

Majesty To Alez

“Hope you liked it Alex! 🤘🤘🤘

Nermin Arif‎ To Majesty

“PLEASEEEEEEEE play RADIO GAGA for my pregnant little sister CHANEL 💗”

Majesty To Nermin

“Hope she liked it Nermin! And hope the pregnancy goes well darling! You’re a super hero Chanel. “Hope the little one had a good time in there! ❤️”

Nermin Arif To Majesty

“Awwww you were absolutely AMAZING!!!!.... we all loved it!!!.... still talking about it now!... such a beautiful voice and thank you for not only entertaining us but for taking the time to reply to us all individually!... 💙💙💙💙”

Majesty To Nermin

“Thank you my friend. Hope to see you all again soon 🤘🤘”

Darren Stedman‎ To Majesty

“Can you play seven seas of rhye”

Majesty To Darren

“What a great song! Next time Darren!!!! 🤘🤘🤘”

David Rees‎ To Majesty

“Please play Good old fashioned lover boy.”

Majesty To David

“What a song David! One of our favourites. I wish I’d have seen that one! ❤️”

Rosie Stedman Moyce‎ To Majesty

“Y’all better tell the audience to stand up for Don’t Stop Me Now coz I wanna dance and I’m too scared to do it alone! 😂❤️ loving the show so far!”

Majesty To Rosie

“You got em going Rosie! Glad you had a good time girl!”

Sonya Alford‎ To Majesty

“You are absolutely fantastic!! 😃 We are in the front row. Please can you play 'We Will Rock You'.”

Majesty To Sonya

“Hope Richard liked it Sonya. You guys were awesome! 🤘🤘🤘”

Sonya Alford To Majesty

“So were you. 😎”

Sue Hentschel‎ To Majesty

“Lap of the Gods for Andy at Catbird . Amazing so far guys.”

Majesty To Sue

“Love Lap of the Gods! Let us know when you’re with us again and I’ll do that one for you Sue! ❤️”

Sue Hentschel To Majesty

“Ahh we will be following you now great night x”

Collette Eagles-Grice‎ To Majesty

“Made my night Rocking Lewisham”

Katherine Frost‎ To Majesty

“Absolutely loving the energy, fantastic musicians and amazing charisma from "Freddie" “

‎May Finaldi Guerrero‎ To Majesty

“Best friend for my BFF Elena! ❤️❤️👭

Majesty To May

“Classic 🎸🎸”

May Finaldi Guerrero‎ To Majesty

“Song suggestions:

Love of my life

-Paola on Isle R19”

Majesty To Mary

“Gorgeous song ❤️”

Kim Meaney‎ To Majesty

“Please, please sing Love of my life 😘”

Majesty To Kim

“❤️ beautiful choice”

Kim To Majesty

“Had an awesome night, you were amazing, thank you 😘”

Majesty To Kim

“Thank you so much Kim, hope we did the song justice ❤️

Danna Hamilton‎ To Majesty

“Sail away sweet sister”

Majesty To Danna

“Now your talking 🎸🎸🎸”

Danna To Majesty

“Great night thank you x”

Lynsey Gee Nunn‎ To Majesty

“Loving the concert tonight. Can you please do Fat Bottomed Girls”

Majesty To Lynsey

“Hope you enjoyed it dear! X ❤️”

Lyn Macdonald To Lynsey

“Lynsey Glad you and Kyrie had a wonderful night, I knew you would. "Fat Bottomed Girls" is my fav song xx”

Lynsey to Lyn

“Lyn, I absolutely loved every second of it and once I get chance, I will upload some pics. What fab musicians the guys are. ❤ X”

Lyn To Lynsey

“Look forward to seeing your pics. They certainly are xx”

Katherine Frost‎ To Majesty

“Hammer to Fall or Death on Two Legs!”

Majesty To Katherine

“I’ve been waiting for someone to request death on two legs for years!!!! ❤️❤️❤️😝☺️🎸🎸🎸”

Katherine To Majesty

“Thanks for a great night guys! ❤️❤️”

Majesty To Katherine

“Your welcome dear, thanks for being there! ❤️”

Annette Mayes‎ To Majesty

"Don't stop me now"

“Fantastic gig so far boys. Enjoying it from centre seats”

Shawn Butler‎

“We will rock you For Annabel”

Majesty To Shawn

“I hope Annabel liked it Shawn.”

Shapers Plumstead‎ To Majesty

“Please play don't stop me now. A massive shout out to my amazing mum Annette. We are in the audience centre row now..... Woooooooo xx”

Marta Tabinski‎ To Majesty

“Invisible Man for Jude, please”

Majesty To Marta

“ What a tune!!!! The solo in that song is insane! Im going to whip Brian into learning that one! ❤️”

Marta To Majesty

“Thanks. The kids had a great time and the little man danced so much he completely wore himself out! Thanks for the pics afterwards too. You guys were amazing.”

Majesty To Marta

“Thats lovely Marta. Love seeing the kids enjoying Queen. It makes us feel hopeful for the future generations when they have good taste in music 🎸🤘🤘”

Marta To Majesty

“Definitely! We've been listening to various Queen albums in the car for a couple of years. Now that the important one is done, we'll be introducing them to the Beatles next!”

Alex Frost‎ To Majesty

“Don't Stop Me Now please! For Hoots”

Majesty To Alex

“Hope Hoots enjoyed it Alex! 🤘🤘🤘🤘”

Carole Frost To Majesty

“Hoots most certainly did. Love from hoots 😍”

‎Katherine Frost‎ To Majesty

“Amazing set so far! Please play Somebody To Love xx”

Majesty To Katherine

“ 😝🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻”

Nermin Arif‎ To Majesty

“Pleaseeeeee play RADIO GAGA for my pregnant sister CHANEL”

Majesty To Arif


Scott King‎ To Majesty

“I’m going Slightly mad”

Majesty To Scott

“What a song! Next time Scott for sure! 🤘🤘🤘🤘”

Louis Wilbourne‎ To Majesty

“Pls sing fat bottom girls for Adam Biggs your biggest ever fan!!!”

Majesty To Louis

“Hope Adam had a great time Louis! He was rocking at the front! 🤘🤘🤘”

Dean Hawkins‎ To Majesty

“Great show! Please can you play We Will Rock you for Freddie and Georgie 🙏🏼”

Majesty To Dean

“ Hope they liked it Dean! 🤘🤘🤘🤘”

Jack Sweetman‎ To Majesty

“Save me- for my step dad mike’s birthday!”

Michael Bloom To Majesty

“Yes please thank you”

Majesty To Jack and Michael


Collette Eagles-Grice‎

“Rockin Lewisham..”

Majesty To Collette

“You rocked it Collette!!! 🤘🤘🤘🤘”

Jessica King‎ To Majesty

“Can you do radio gaga for my nan josies birthday please xxx love jessie and nick xxx”


Sandra Jury To Jess

Majesty To Jessica and Sandra

“Happy Birthday Nan!!! ❤️❤️❤️ coming your way x”

Jessica To Majesty

“Thank you.... She's loving the show 😍”

Majesty To Jessica and Sandra

“Hope you had a great time guys! You rocked!!! 🤘🤘🤘❤️ and a big happy birthday once again Nanny! 🎂”

Louise Mcardle‎ To Majesty

“Hi, fantastic show that I am currently watching. My daughter Hope would like fat bottomed girls.

Many thanks Lou and Hope

Majesty To Louise

“Hope you and Hope liked it Louise. X 🤘🤘🤘”

Jessica Gandoff‎ To Majesty

“Dont stop me now!!! We need to hear this!! Thanks”

Majesty To Jessica

“You call, we deliver! 🤘🤘🤘 hope you had a great night Jessica! ❤️”

Collette Eagles-Grice‎ To Majesty

“Im in love with my car..”

Majesty To Collette

“Great song Collette. I’ll have to get Roger practising that one! ❤️❤️”

Reviews From Audience Members

On Majesty's FaceBook Page, these are the Review's from the audience members.
Louise McCardle To Majesty

"Absolutely fantastic!! No words can describe"

Majesty To Louise

"You were fantastic Louise 😘🤘🤘🤘"

Tayla Doherty To Majesty

"The absolute best! Really got the crowd involved and he has the characteristics of the queen himself!"

Majesty To Tayla

"Thank you so much Tayla. ❤️🤘🤘"

Stella Edgell To Majesty

"Fantastic band! Highly talented individuals and extremely entertaining! Note to self....don’t wear heels!!! 🙈🙈🎸🎸🎸🎸"

Kim Meaney To Majesty

"Had an amazing night would definitely recommend this tribute band"

Lynsey Gee Nunn

"Absolutely fabulous evening of Queen Classics. This is a top notch tribute band who are all fantastic musicians in their own right. Great energy, fabulous interaction with the audience and the opportunity to request your fave songs. I had such a blast and can't wait to see you guys again. Go see Majesty for a fabulous evening of live music ❤"

Photo belongs to Lynsey Gee Nunn. Thank you Lynsey for allowing me to use your photo.

Photos belong to Danielle Foster. Thank you Danielle for allowing me to use your photos.

James Campion who plays Roger Taylor had his Friend Danielle Foster and her Mother in the audience. Danielle sings in ‘the supreme dream girls’ who support William Hicks on his ‘Let the music play - A Tribute to Barry White show’ which is touring theatres around the UK this year. Danielle and her mother both thoroughly enjoyed the show.

These Videos belong to Danielle Foster

Photo belongs to Sonya Alford. Thank you Sonya for allowing me to use your photo.

This is what Sonya said about her night.

"Being big fans of Queen's music, we were over the moon when we found out that Majesty were coming to Catford Broadway Theatre. It's local to us and looked to be a good night out. How thrilled were we when we managed to get front row tickets.

We never got to see Freddie Mercury live, which now looking back was a great shame. How we wish he was still alive and kicking. No one can replace him but the lead singer, Seth Daniels really did do him justice. At one point it was as if it was actually Freddie Mercury singing and I felt quite emotional.

The band as a whole were just brilliant. There was much interaction with the audience and virtually every person in the theatre was singing.

We really recommend that you go see Majesty live. They truly are amazing. Here's hoping they come back to Catford soon."

Photo belongs to Louis Wilbourne. Thank you Louis for allowing me to use your photo.

This is what Louis said about his night.

"Absolutely top night. Great atmosphere and the place was rocking Adam loved it!"

Photos belong to Annette Mayers. Thank you Annette for allowing me to use your photos.

This is what Annette said about her night.

"Great gig tonight. Well done. From the 2 nutters with torches at the centre front."

Photo Belongs to Kyrie Gemma Baldwin. Thank you Kyrie for allowing me to use your photo.

This is what Kyrie said about her night.

"I had the best night ever I cant thank you enough for making tonight so memorable I will treasure it always also thank you so much for mentioning me and singing Your My Best Friend for me it meant the world. I love you all and hope to see you again soon xxx"

Photo belongs to Katherine Frost. Thank you Katherine for allowing me to use your photo.

This is what Katherine said about her night.

"Amazing music, great energy! A very entertaining night by clearly talented musicians!"

Photos belong to Sharon Campfield. Thank you Sharon for allowing me to use your photos.

Peter's Facebook Page.

Peter Southern(Brian May) Posted this on his Facebook Page...….........

Great Art-Deco theatre venue for tonight's Rockin.The lovely Broadway Theatre in Catford. WWRY.

These are the comments he had back.........….

Lyn Macdonald

"Looks like a nice venue. Have a great night 🎸🎵"

Peter Southern

"Show was great🎶🎸 wonderful audience. Travelling to TL Stansted now and then Scunthorpe tomorrow!" Lyn Macdonald

"Glad you had a great show. Your audience were amazing. I've been reading all the amazing feedback from them. Have a good journey."

Jean Byrne

"Glad you had a great show, on wards and upwards to your next gig. hope you are feeling better."

Seth's Thoughts On The Show.

I caught up with Seth Daniels(Freddie Mercury) this is what he said about the show for himself. "It was an incredible show. I actually felt quite emotional at one point. They were an unbelievable audience."

To keep updated on what “Queen Tribute Band Majesty” are up to visit their FaceBook and Twitter pages.

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Dale Tatnell
Dale Tatnell
May 11, 2019

Fantastic feedback from the audience. Great work Lyn putting this all together.

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