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Majesty Rocks at Hartlepool Town Hall Theatre

Last night Queen Tribute Band Majesty performed at the beautiful Hartlepool Town Hall Theatre, performing their new 5 star Queen Concert Show.

Queen Tribute Band Majesty - Live at Hartlepool Town Hall Theatre
Queen Tribute Band Majesty - Live at Hartlepool Town Hall Theatre

A Royal Welcome

The locals were out and ready to enjoy a night of Classic Queen Hits and they were not disappointed. Majesty stormed onto the stage starting the set with Thunder and Lightning and crashing into a rocking rendition of We Will Rock You (Fast Version) as a little nod to the Live Killers Album, which was recorded as part of Queen's Jazz World Tour..

”The only way to start a Queen Tribute show is in top gear. There should be no messing around. When Queen started a show it was a case of strapping yourself in and waiting for the tidal wave that was Queen and Freddie Mercury.” - Seth Daniels, Freddie Mercury in Queen Tribute Band Majesty.

Roger Taylor's Drum Kit - Queen Tribute Majesty
Roger Taylor's Drum Kit - Queen Tribute Majesty

Queen Rock Hartlepool

It wasn’t long before the audience in were on their feet with their arms in the air.

“The first half for us is quite theatrical. Lots of dips and turns to keep everyone on their toes. But as soon as we hit the second half, hammering out Queen’s greatest hits one after the other, there’s no stopping the audience. You can’t help yourself really. As soon as I hear Radio Ga Ga, my hands are in the air before I know it.” - Chris Holland, John Deacon in Queen Tribute Band Majesty.

Audience reviews

The boys from Queen Tribute Band Majesty we’re greeted with multiple standing ovations as the curtain fell. Here are some of the fantastic reviews Majesty received last night:


A fantastic band .....A magnificent Queen tribute band from start to finish....A polished performance by all band members...impressive...these guys are really good .


Majesty are a fantastic tribute band. A night filled with classic hits from the band. The lead singer as Freddie has the same flamboyant cheekiness to emulate the legend. Both guitarists as Brian May and John Deacon are superb. Credit must also go to the drummer as Roger Taylor. A fantastic night at town hall theatre in hartlepool. Truly a kind of magic.


was a excellent tribute band....excellent singing and bass drums and guitar.


Had an absolutely awesome time at tonight's show in Hartlepool. The band were stunning! Took my mum for part of her 70th birthday and she was blown away at how good they were.

We had talked about trying to get tickets to see Adam Lambert and Queen, but not bothering now as can't imagine we'd have as good a time as we did tonight, so just waiting for Majesty to come on tour our way.


First time to see theses guys and WOW love them really good . Get the Croud going as they should brilliant entertainment 👍🏻

Thanks for such an amazing show guys!


#topshow @ #hartlepooltownhall a simple request please...#akindofmagic


Had a fab night tonight, thanks guys for a very entertaining evening. Might not be able to work tomorrow as I'll have no voice x


Had a great night! An amazing performance, Thank you!x


Brilliant night you guys really got the crowd going . Top band x


Was brilliant thanks for a top night x


You were excellent x


Had a fantastic night, you guys are great x


A Special Thank You

There were so many monents in last nights Queen Tribute Concert in Hartlepool that we could mention but instead of that, the boys put together a special thank you video.

Goodbye for now Hartlepool

“As the lights go down, and we hit the road once again, we can’t thank the amazing fans of Queen enough for giving their love over to us for one night as we celebrate the music of the greatest rock band in history.” - Seth Daniels, Freddie Merxury in Queen Tribute Band Majesty.

Majesty continue their tour of the UK, getting ready for a jam packed Christmas season of Queen tribute concerts all over the UK. You can still catch Majesty - a tribute to Queen this year at some of the UKs favourite theatres and some amazing Christmas Parties at some beautiful venues around the UK.

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Lyn Macdonald
Lyn Macdonald
24 de nov. de 2018

sounds like it was an amazing night. great video x

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