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"Majesty Queen Tribute" Will Be At Burgess Hall(22.2.19) and Maesteg Town Hall Bridgend(23.2.19)

"Majesty Queen Tribute" have a busy few days coming up with their fantastic show.

Burgess Hall, St Ives.

Today 22.2.19 they are performing at Burgess Hall in St Ives.

This time last year my Mum and I were actually on our way to Burgess Hall in St Ives to see "Majesty Queen Tribute" perform their fantastic show, we had such a fab night.

Mum and I at Burgess Hall 22.2.18

Maesteg Town Hall, Bridgend.

Tomorrow 23.2.19 "Majesty Queen Tribute" are performing

at Maesteg Town Hall in Bridgend.

Have A great couple of days Seth Daniels, Peter Southern, James Campion and Chris Holland.


Sunday 24.2.19 "Majesty Queen Tribute" are performing at Bodelwyydan.

Hope to see lots of feedback on the 2 nights on "Majesty Queen Tribute" FaceBook page from audience members.

Keeping In Touch.

To keep up with what "Majesty Queen Tribute" are up to please go to their FaceBook and Twitter page.

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