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Majesty Queen Tribute - Live in Melksham

Queen Tribute Band Majesty made a triumphant return to the Melksham Assembly Hall with their 5 star sell out show - The Champions of Rock.

The Champions of Rock Return to Melksham

The 400 seater community hall was packed with eager Queen fans on Friday November 30th. Some familiar faces amongst the ctowd of near 400 who came along to see Majesty perform once again at this versatile community hall in the heart of Melksham.

”It was great to know that a lot of people had seen us last year. It’s really the biggest compliment for a Queen Tribute Band, seeing people return, and their reaction to our show this year was simply unbelievable.” Chris Holland, John Deacon in Majesty Queen Tribute.

The Melksham Assembley Hall

in the heart of Mellsham sits this versitile 400 seater community space. Over the past few years Melksham Assembley Hall has built a great reputation hosting top comedians and music, as well as occasionally transforming the space into a cinema for special screenings such as the new Bohemian Rhapsody film which is to be screened this January.

Melksham You Rock!

With people on their feet throughout the night, dancing in the isles, the people of Melksham showed everyone what it means to have good time.

”At the end of the night, when you see everyone on their feet applauding, it’s a very emotional experience. To me we’ve all given over a little bit of ourselves and it’s Just stunning, feeling that kind of magic in a room full of hundreds of people.” - Peter Southern, Brian May in Queen Tribute Band Majesty.

Roger Taylor and John Deacon - Queen Tribute Majesty
Roger Taylor and John Deacon - Queen Tribute Majesty

Farewell for now

As Majesty hit the road for their next show in Sturminster, it wouldn’t be right without thanking all the amazing fans of Queen that continue to come and support the band. Your comments and feedback has pushed the boys on and it’s theough your support they have got to this point.

Get in touch

if you want to leave a comment or review, head over to the Majesty Facebook Page.

”I always make a point to thank the audience for coming by saying goodbye and taking pics in the lobby at the end of the night. Tonight was such a pleasure. The love that Melksham gave Peter and myself was a true honour. When I perform as Freddie, it’s like running a marathon, you have to give everything you got, and knowing everyone had a good time makes it all worth doing. Thank you so much Melksham, we hope to see you again next year.” - Seth Daniels, Freddie Mercury in Queen Tribute Majesty.

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1 comentário

Lyn Macdonald
Lyn Macdonald
01 de dez. de 2018

Fantastic video. Sounds and looks like you guys and the audience had a fab night. Looks like you had an amazing audience x

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