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Majesty - Live in Dover

It was only the third show back on the road since the devastating impact COVID-19 has had on the music and arts industry, but it was a night to celebrate as we quickly approach the UK lifting of restrictions due to take place on 19th July 2021.

Queen tribute band Majesty were honoured to perform a relentless set of Queen's greatest hits at one of Dover's most popular touring venues - The Cricketers.

Queen in Dover

It was a cloudy day with the promise of rain in the air as Majesty set up to perform in the spacious beer garden at The Cricketers, Dover on the 10th July 2021, but the weather wasn't going to stand in the way of hundreds of eager Queen fans joining the boys in what was to be a night to remember.

It was such an emotional night. It was the first time we have seen so many people in one place for a very long time and for many that night, it seemed we we're finally free to smile, laugh and live life how we were meant to. We couldn't wish for a better audience and can not wait to return again. - Rob Lea (Freddie Mercury)

On a small, makeshift stage at the end of the garden, touring bands have been afforded an opportunity to perform in front of audiences in Dover's popular pub - The Cricketers. Supported by a community of music lovers, The Cricketers have been one of the few venues around the UK able to offer entertainment and support bands and artists by staging small scale concerts in their gardens, complete with ample seating, table service and incredible food options including an outstanding Vegan food vendor (who produce probably the best vegan kebab!)

Live Music at The Cricketers, Dover

For 100 years, The Cricketers has stood as a vital community social ground in the beautiful village of River, Dover. Boasting the biggest and best beer garden in Dover, The Cricketers have provided a space for the local community of all ages to socialise and be entertained. It's clear from the people we met that the residents around Dover love this historic building and the wonderful staff and management that work hard to provide a safe, friendly space for their community.

Whether it's sports, conversation, or watching some of the biggest touring bands in the country, it's clear the love and passion The Cricketers have when providing the very best experience for all those that visit. With the wonderful Abba Angels performing on Saturday 14th August 2021, we highly recommend booking a seat one of the best tables in town!

Where can we see Queen Tribute Band Majesty in Dover?

If you didn't manage to catch Majesty's sell out show at The Cricketers in Dover, fear not! Majesty have just begun one of their biggest tours to date across the UK, Europe and USA. You can see where Queen Tribute Band Majesty are performing near you next by heading to their TOUR PAGE. Of course, Majesty can not wait to return once again to The Cricketers and we're sure to see you all next year!

Did you LOVE the show?

If you were lucky enough to grab a ticket, we would love to hear what you thought, so feel free to comment below and leave a message for the boys, or join in the conversation with the band by visiting them on FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM.

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Was a fantastic show and nice crowd will see agen wene back in dover

Me gusta
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