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Majesty headline Milford Music and Arts Festival

Milford music festival

Majesty - a tribute to Queen are very excited to be performing at Milford's music and arts festival this Saturday. The boys from Majesty have put together a special set for the occasion which includes a suprise duet performance from a local singer.

The local festival which runs over a week in the Summer, attracts thousands of residents and visitors to enjoy a variety of local and international music and arts entertainment. It features workshops, exhibitions and performances accross local venues and the village green. Majesty will be headlining the Saturday night on the main stage at 9:30pm.

Milford Music and Arts Festival

There will be something for everyone at Milford's Music and Arts Festival. The festival is extremelly family friendly, offering interactive workshops, crafts and play for families of all ages. There will also be some fantastic arts exhibitions including a night of theatre and dance to commemorate 100 years since the end of World War 1. There will also feature talks historical societies and a selection of story telling events at the beautiful Beach House.

Of course there will be entertainment and music all around the town at night. Each night the town will host a night of music, whether in the local venues such as the Red Lion or on the main stage at the village green. Entertainment will feature Northern Soul Nights, Skiffle Bands, Morris Dancers, local bands. Then on Saturday, Majesty will hit the main stage to headline the festival entertainment line up with a none stop 90 minute Queen spectacular.

So if you find yourself at Milford-On-Sea this weekend, be sure to check out the fantastic entertainment at the Milford Music and Arts Festival.

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Anna Myagkaya
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Volpa Faro
Volpa Faro
Jun 21, 2023

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