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Majesty featured artist at Warners for Adults

Majesty - a tribute to Queen have been successfully touring around the UK at some of the nations favourite holiday destinations and over the past 6 years, Majesty have been invited back time and time again to the beautiful historic venues of Warners Leisure Hotels.

Warners featured acts

Every year, Warners produce a special entertainment brochure, which features all of their special weekend events. These events are very popular amongst fans of Warners holidays as they are packed with some of the UKs top tributes and also at times feature well known recording artists.

This year Warners have honoured Majesty by placing them as one of their featured atists within the 2017 Warners entertainment borchure. Majesty can be seen performing at a number of Warners iconic historic venues accross the UK.

Warners for Adults

Warners Leisure hotels provide fantastic accomodation within spectacular loctions and surroundings. You can choose from 13 coastal or country hotels, which boast a variety of popular facilities and spas. The historic hotels are superbly maintained with stunning features to behold around every corner; each hotel holds its own unique experience.

With a fantastic hotel, comes an even better team of hosts and staff that make your stay one of the most relaxing and entertaining places to be. The in house chefs creating gorgeous banquets for the guest each night, the service is friendly and nothing is too much for their guests. It's safe to say that when choosing Warners, it's no wonder that guest keep coming back.

Entertainment at Warners

The entertainment at Warners really is the highlight of your experience. Each hotel has its own in house entertainment staff and hosts, who are there to make your experience special. Offering activities, games, special guest talks and dancing through the day and then performing award winning shows in the evening alongside the venue house band, you can understand why Warners for adults is known throughout the UK as top entertainment hotels.

Alongside Majesty - a tribute to Queen, who are performing around these spectactular venues, there is a great selection of famous faces and headline acts to temp anyone to come along and spend a weekend at these beautiful hotels. With artists such as Martin Kemp, David Essex, Lulu and the UKs best tribute artists, Warners for Adults is the place to be for grown up holidays.

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Hill Stone
Hill Stone
Jul 26, 2023

Observing the lives of famous personalities is endlessly intriguing. Clicking through their journeys and stories gives a sense of connection to their world, and we get to see their triumphs and challenges up close. It's like getting a glimpse into a different reality, and it can be inspiring to witness how they navigate their fame and success click through their experiences allows me to delve into their world and gain a deeper appreciation for their achievements, making it a captivating and enriching experience.

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