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Can you get 100% on the Freddie Meter Challenge?

Last month Google launched an online artificial intelligence tool to detect how close someones voice is to Freddie Mercury from Queen. Often regarded as the greatest singer in recent history, Freddie Mercury's voice is renowned for its power and exceptional range.

So we set the #FreddieChallenge to our very own Mr Mercury, Seth Daniels.

"I have to say, I was a little nervous getting scored on how much I sound like Freddie Mercury. I don't go out to say I sound like the man, when I impersonate him onstage I try and capture his energy and character first and hope that the voice comes out."

Says Seth Daniels as he takes up the challenge of the Freddie Meter.

Seth has been performing with his Queen Tribute Band - Majesty for nearly ten years now and having recently completed a 5 star, sold out run at this years Edinburgh Fringe Festival, it's safe to say Seth is known as one of the leading Freddie Mercury tributes in the world right now.

The Freddie Meter Challenge

So here it is. This is what happened when a Freddie Mercury impersonator takes the Freddie Challenge.

The Highest Score on the Freddie Meter?

The Freddie Meter has only been out for a few weeks and already we've had thousands of people trying their hand at going head to head with the great man himself. We're incredibly proud to say that as of yet, Seth has one of the highest scores we have been able to find on the internet. Do you think you get to 100%?

The Mercury Phoenix trust are asking you to be brave and go head to head with Freddie. By visiting the Freddie Meter on Youtube, you can record you voice - or if you're brave, record a video of yourself singing and upload to social media.

The Mercury Phoenix trust has been doing some fantastic work over the years raising money to help fight HIV and aids around the world. If you have something to give, we would encourage you to donate to this very worthy cause.

Getting 100% on the Freddie Meter.

It seems like everyone has been trying there hand at getting a high score on the Freddie Meter. Even Freddie himself has gone against himself and not manage to score 100%. Check out this video when Youtube's Mark Ajax tests Freddie Mercury's vocal in the #FreddieChallenge.

So it's clear that it's not easy to get top marks on the Freddie Challenge, but we'd love to hear what you get.

So head over to the Majesty FACEBOOK or TWITTER and post your results. We may even give a special prize to anyone that can beat Seth's score.

Majesty 2020 Tour

If you are a fan of Queen, Majesty - a tribute to Queen will be perform one of their biggest tours in 2020. Visiting countries around the world such as Estonia, Chile, India, Dubai, Greece and the UK, Majesty will be hitting the stage of theatres and festivals throughout 2020.

To find out where Majesty - the UKs Number 1 Queen Tribute Band are performing, head over the band TOUR page, or keep up to date with announcements by SUBSCRIBING.

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Maxim Davidov
Maxim Davidov
Jul 31, 2023

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Kenneth Ewing
Kenneth Ewing
Jul 30, 2023

It's very interesing!


Dale Tatnell
Dale Tatnell
Dec 15, 2019

Fantastic score Seth 👍


Unknown member
Dec 09, 2019

Well done Seth, great score x

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