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Fantastic Audience Feedback After Ipswich Appearance At The Regent Theatre On 5.4.19.

On the 5th April 2019, "Queen Tribute Band Majesty" performed their fantastic show at the Ipswich Regent Theatre.

Here you can read what the audience thought of the show, what songs they wanted to hear and see some fantastic photos that people posted to Majesty's FaceBook page.

Thank you Steve Ipswich for allowing me to use this photo of yours.

Peoples Thoughts and Photos

Helena Sousa

"What an amazing band!!! One of the best nights I’ve had. Thank you guys. Lots of love xx"

Majesty to Helena

"An absolute honour Helena. 🤘🤘"

Thank you Helena Sousa for allowing me to use your photo.

Lisa Mann

"Awesome night! Well done 🤘"

Majesty to Lisa

"Love it! ❤️"

Thank you Lisa Mann for allowing me to use your photo.

Linda Dorling

"Brilliant night x Freddy you can borrow my coat any time you like 😂 x"

Majesty To Linda

"Great pic girls. ❤️"

Thank you Linda Dorling for allowing me to use your photo.

Steve Ipswich

Regent Theatre, Ipswich


"A cracking night was enjoyed by everyone.. Non stop energy by Seth.. Definitely got to see you guys again."

Majesty to Steve

"Fab pic Steve! 🤘🤘🤘"

Thank you Steve Ipswich for allowing me to use these photos of yours.

‎Michael Hodgins‎.

"Spread your wings."

Majesty To Michael

"Great pic Michael! 🤘🤘"

Thank you Michael Hodgins for allowing me to use these photos of yours.

Stacey Rogers

"Saw them last night. .. absolutely amazing!"

Majesty To Stacey

"Loving the pics Stacey. 🤘🤘"

Thank you Stacey Rogers for allowing me to use these photos of yours.

Amanda Walters

"Fanbloodytastic! definitely recommend"

Majesty To Amanda

"Amazing pics Amanda. Love it! 🎸🎸🎸"

Thank you Amanda Walters for allowing me to use these photos of yours.

Thank you to Kate Brooke for allowing me to use your photos.

Peter Southern (Brian May) Posted this on his Facebook page.........

"Now the lighting rig is out of the way"

Photo of the auditorium at The Regent Theatre in Ipswich. Thank you Peter Southern for allowing me to use your photo.

Majesty's Facebook Page

On Majesty's FaceBook page they posted this and received lots of wonderful comments..........


Looking forward to hitting the stage tonight at the beautiful Ipswich Regent Theatre.

Get your requests in now, #COMMENT with your favourite songs and we may play them just for you!!

And #TAG your friends to tell them they could be having a good time with you tonight!!!

So.... who’s ready to #ROCK!!!

Lyn Macdonald

"Have a great night guys. The Regent Theatre are in for a fab night. We are gutted that we couldn't make it x"

Kyrie Gemma Baldwin

"Have a fabulous time tonight I hope its a sold out show for you. I've been spreading the word at work about your Catford show. Only 3 weeks to go cant wait to see and meet you :-) xxx"

Dawn Baker

"Please wish Maria Wilson a happy birthday."

Freddie - the Musical

"Overwhelmed with the love and support tonight. Thank you everyone for keeping the spirit of Queen alive.

If you get chance, please leave your feedback as a review, it all goes towards getting future shows booked, and we love nothing more than performing for you guys.

All our love - Majesty x

If you haven’t followed Freddie - the Musical yet, head over to the page and press that LIKE button."

Helen Turnbull

"Had a fantastic night out seeing you play at the Ipswich Regent.

There was such a good audience participation & really enjoyed hearing some of Queens older music & having a good old fashioned sing a long. Just wish it had been a slightly longer show as time flew by. Keep on rocking 😁🎶🎸🥁🎤🎵"

Esther May

"Just returned from Ipswich show - absolutely fantastic - love the way you request songs from your fans - shows you care. Fantastic voice BTW."

Chris Porter

"Just got home from a brilliant night at Ipswich. Pure entertainment from start to finish.100% will got and see it again.Well done lads👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😁"

Jenny Smoughton

"Fantastic time had tonight wish it could have been longer recommend to everyone who loves Queen 😁😁😁👍👍👍🎶"

Gina Cook

"Was a great show. Wished you'd sung all of Lover Boy, but other than that you gave it 100%"

Jane Anderson

"Loving the show shout out for seats G22-24. Jane jacqui and Judith. You’ve already played fat bottom girls so anything will do!!! Xxx"

Pam Tostevin

"Brilliant time tonight I can highly recommend this show loved the whole party atmosphere 😁😁"

Kate Lawton

"Having a great night. Awesome show. Never seen you guys before. Would love a slow number - would “No-one but you” be too sad?"

Gemma Joslin

"#show must go on - play for Steve and Wendy easterbrook in the audience loving the show x"

Kayleigh Hawkesford-Baker

"Hello! Is there any possibility of you performing 39 tonight it’s my absolute favourite and I would love to hear you guys perform it."

Lisa Pettifor

"Oxley Having a fab time birthday treat for me(Lisa) so play anything woo hoo 🎸"

Faye Matthews

"You guys are ace! Can you play ‘I’m in love with my car’ ?"

Emma Blaylock

"I am loving the show tonight. Please can you play Don’t Stop Me Now - Annabel age 8"

Chris Gregory

"Let’s go early. How about Flick of The Wrist or Tenement Funster? 🎸🎸"

Susan Hart

"Ipswich you are in for a treat"

Sara Cady

"Kai (age 6) would love to hear I want to Break Free. It's his favourite 😁"

Giorgio Marzo

"Amazing show guys, as usual!"

Lisa Mann

"Awesome night"

Maria Johnson


Diane Groom

"Hope you had a brilliant night x"

Gail Paul

"Have a good one!!!x"

Community Section On Majesty's Facebook Page

Marcus Ward‎

"We came to see you in Ipswich last night and was thoroughly entertained thank you for a great evening . 😎"

Majesty To Marcus

Thank you Marcus, you guys were awesome! 🤘🤘🤘

Manny Furous

"Awesome Tribute Band fanx guys"

‎Linda Dorling‎

"Great night, fantastic musicians. Really good vocals. Loved it 😘😍xxx"

‎Ricky Blair‎

"Hello guys, what a truly amazing night in Ipswich this evening; please come back very soon! I'm tagging some friends here who would undoubtedly appreciate your genius, two of them being in Colchester, should you plan to visit there at some point. Keep up your brilliant work and keep making your audiences feeling like you could rock them to the point they'd not want to leave."

Majesty to Ricky

"What kind words. Thank you so much you guys were the real stars tonight. 🤘🤘"

Shelley Symonds‎

"I was never fortunate enough to see Queen live but I think I have just seen the closest thing to it I will ever see! Thank you so much for sharing your amazing talent and for keeping a true legend alive xx"

‎Stuart Rix‎

"Please play a guitar solo for my 11 yr old son Sebastian who is learning to play. Ps bloody brilliant performance"

Debbie Lucock‎

"Hi its fab, please could we request Radio ga ga thanks. Love Deb and Vaughn xxx"

Majesty To Debbie

"Coming your way Deb x"

Debbie To Majesty

"Thanks for an amazing evening. Good luck to you guys your amazing xx"

Hazel Buzec‎ .

Fantastic. Please play 'I want to break free ' for Chris & Hazel on a date weekend !! Xxx

Majesty To Hazel

"Love a Date weekend. Coming up darlings xx"

‎Jill Armstrong‎ .

"Can you play old fashioned lover boy for my husband Rennison tonight please 😊"

Majesty To Jill

"A few have requested that one. We’re just learning it now for you dears x"

‎Kate Lawton‎

"Having a great night. Awesome show. Never seen you guys before. Would love a slow number - would “No-one but you” be too sad?"

Majesty To Kate

"Oh that’s a lovely song ❤️"

Laura Peake‎

"Please play Don't stop me know!"

Majesty To Laura

"Coming your way Laura"

Peter Lawton‎

"First Queen record I bought, seven seas of rye. Would love to hear it at Ipswich tonight thanks"

Majesty To Peter

"Amazing song Peter!"

‎Owen Cook‎

"We will rock you,👍☺️😊😁😋🎤🎼🎼🎤"

Majesty To Owen "🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘"

Susan Caroline‎

"In the crowd at Ipswich pls read message in messenger"

‎Brad Wright‎

"Can we also have an awesome rendition of We are the Champions?!!"

Amy Wiley‎

"I was just about to request Who Wants to Live Forever and then you started playing it, I loved it!! My favourite 😘 (my dad asks for bohemian rhapsody from start to finish or Love of My Life)"

Fiona Dyes‎

"Can you say hello the lawrence and dyes family and sue. X"

‎Maureen Duffield‎.

"Request for I want it all for Richard in box K with Clare Maureen and Graham 👑💪🏼😻"

Sara Cady‎.

"Kai (age 6) is at your Ipswich concert tonight. His request is Break Free. Thank you 😁"

‎Emma Blaylock‎ .

"Hi I’m loving your show tonight in Ipswich. Please can you play for me Don’t Stop Me Now - Annabel age 8"

Brad Wright‎

"Can we have a bit of classic we will rock you? Can’t beat the best!"

Laura Peake‎

"You guys bloody rock!!"

Review Section On Majesty's Facebook Page

Claire Fitch

"I saw them last night in Ipswich, fantastic. would love to see them again."

Rebecca Bewley

"Amazing! If you are thinking of seeing these guys, dither no more, you won’t regret it. Seth must channel Freddie as he had the essence of him without being a tacky parody. Amazing voice too. All the band are just so talented, I want to see them again."

Clare Louise .

"Excellent at the Ipswich Regent last night, very authentic and sounded great. Fab evening thank you"

Kimberley Thorpe

"Amazing! myself and my young daughter loved it."

Ben Mowles

"Brilliant show.Took are 11 and 15 year old there loved it as well 🎸🤘"

Kim Hinton .

"Saw them last night at the Ipswich regent. Absolutely brilliant night, my throat is sore from all the singing. Amazingly powerful voice from lead singer, guitarists played fantastically and drummer was brilliant and obviously loves his job as he was smiling all night. Would definitely go and see them again and am hoping if Freddie the musical is a hit at the fringe they'll decide to tour with it."

Majesty To Kim

"We’re hoping so Kim. Glad you had a good night! You guys rocked!!! 🤘🤘🤘"

Helena Sousa

"What a great night out!! One of the best bands I’ve seen. 🎸 🎶 🕺 💕"

Shelley Symonds

"I was never fortunate enough to see Queen live but I think I have just seen the closest thing to it I will ever see! Thank you so much for sharing your amazing talent and for keeping a true legend alive xx"

Elaine Page

"Very good saw them at Ipswich brilliant night .all amazing excellent night out"

Alan Smoughton

"Fantastic show tonight at Ipswich Regent."

Sophia Miller-Young

"Brilliant. Really quite a showman. well worth seeing."

Chris Porter

"Pure entertainment from start to finish 👍🏻"

Steve Ipswich

"A fantastic tribute band. Non stop energy from Seth, who can hold a note without any trouble"

Jenny Smoughton

"BRILLIANT night out 😁😁😁🎶🎶🎶"

One Of My Posts On Majesty's Facebook Page

I posted the following on Majesty's Facebook Page..........

I need you to share this please Majesty. Thank you to everyone that were at The Regent Theatre Ipswich last night and have said that I can use their pictures in my upcoming blog. If anyone wants to have a read of any of my blogs on this amazing band, please click on this link.

Comments To One Of My Posts

"Amy Wiley I loved Friday evening, the band were incredible and so lovely after the show, but the audience were also amazing! 💜"

Nick Claydon

"Great band. Great voice and musicians. Just turn up the lead guitar volume a bit on the solos !"

Lindsey Dixon

"Fantastic band had a great time"

Lyn Macdonald

"Thanks for your comments guys to my post. I will add your comments to my Ipswich blog. Once I've published the blog to Majesty's website I will send you a link so you can have a read x"

A Message From Seth Daniels (Freddie Mercury)

I caught up with Seth Daniels (Freddie Mercury) and asked him what the evening was like for him and the guys, this is what Seth told me...............

"It was our first visit to the Regent Theatre and it was quite a large venue to fill so we’re quite excited to hear it had sold well.

You can tell in the first few songs whether you’ll have to work for your audience or they’re with you and everyone seemed to be up for it, it’s such a pleasure when you get that kind of feedback early on as you can relax a little and really go for it.

I was a little nervous as I was suffering from a cold which isn’t great when you’re performing as Freddie Mercury, you need every little bit of energy you can get.

Thankfully my voice felt good and the audience helped me with their enthusiasm. When that happens, the show goes a bit like a blur. You remember moments from it but thinking back it’s always as though it wasn’t you who did it. It’s a strange but a lovely feeling.

The audience were absolutely fantastic. We have been taking requests recently by Facebook and I couldn’t keep up with the messages there were that many. So as usual we played as many as we could squeeze in and it went down well. The funny thing is the audience probably thinks we’ve learnt all these songs, but we haven’t, we’re are all jamming. Which is just a testament to how much we’ve all listened to and love Queen, as 9 times out of 10 we end up doing a half decent job.

We honestly couldn’t ask for a better audience at the Ipswich Regent Theatre, and we can’t wait to return in the future. X"

Thank you Seth for your feedback, it's always good to hear what the night was like for you guys.

Freddie The Musical

Seth Daniels (Freddie Mercury) Has Written and Produced a Musical called Freddie - The Musical. From August The 5th 2019 to August the 12th 2019 the Musical is going to be at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. All of "Queen Tribute Band Majesty" Peter Southern, James Campion ,Chris Holland and Seth Daniels will all be performing in this Musical.

If you are in Edinburgh or can get to Edinburgh round this time, as soon as tickets go on sale, make sure that you order yourself some tickets.

Freddie The Musical Facebook Page

To keep updated and to find out when you can buy tickets for this Musical, please take a look at the Facebook page Freddie The Musical .

Stay Updated

To keep updated on what “Queen Tribute Band Majesty” are up to visit their FaceBook and Twitter page.

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Good reaading


Lyn Macdonald
Lyn Macdonald

They certainly did deserve that fantastic feedback. They are absolutely amazing and work very hard.

Awww Thank you so much Mum xxx


Marilyn Macdonald
Marilyn Macdonald

Brilliant Photos and feedback from the people of Ipswich, on their night at the Regent. I first saw this tribute group back in 2017 and have seen them a couple of times since. Hoping to see them again in May. They are fantastic and all great guys, very talented indeed, and well deserve all their positive feedback. They work so hard. Well done Lyn, their website blogger for putting this all together, you have done so so well with it. Lyn is my Daughter and I am so proud of how she manages to put all the blogs from their shows together. Well done Lyn and keep up the good work. xx


Dale Tatnell
Dale Tatnell

Looks like Ipswich was a great night for the guys. Shame we had to miss it. Great reviews!!

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