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Majesty's Performances On The QE2 In Dubai.

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

On the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of May 2019, "Queen Tribute Band Majesty, performed their fantastic show on The QE2 Dubai. James Campion wasn't able to attend, so Matthew Chung stood in for him.

A legend of the sea, The Queen Elizabeth 2 is a floating entertainment, heritage and hotel destination famed for its storied past from the 1960s.

Docked permanently at Dubai’s Mina Rashid, she is #stillmakinghistory as she continues her story in one of the world’s most eclectic cities.

On board her passengers will discover over 13 unique dining, nightlife and event concepts, they can relax in a wide choice of cabins and suites and they will have the unique opportunity to discover her heritage at the terminal exhibition which showcases original interior artwork, volumes of literature from the former library and more.

Majesty Arriving In Dubai

On Majesty's Facebook Page, they posted the following..........


We’re about to hit the stage for our first show in #Dubai. Performing at the wonderful The QE2 Dubai.

#TAG your friends and #COMMENT with your requests!!!

#WeWillRockYou #QueenForever!

Here are comments that Majesty received to the post.........

Dale Tatnell

"Being on the QE2, you got to play Seven Seas and end with God Save The Queen. 😁 Have a great show!" Majesty To Dale

"No doubt! X"

Kyrie Gemma Baldwin

"Have a fabulous first show darlings you are amazing and so humble wish I could be there xxx"

Lyn Macdonald

"Have a fab show guys x"

Lynsey Gee Nunn

"Have a wonderful show guys ✌😊"

James Knight

"Good luck 🤩"

Lorena Perez

"Show must go on 💓" Majesty To Lorena!


Joanne Graham-Kelly

“Love of My Life” Please guys, for my husband Sean Kelly who is sat next to me at your Dubai debut gig!" Majesty To Joanne

"❤️❤️❤️" Joanne To Majesty

"😘" Lizzie Spiller

"Awe hope this happens x

Michelle Penny Lea

"Love of my life my favourite,have a fabulous show. xxx" Lyn Macdonald To Michelle "That is such a beautiful song. My favourites are "Fat Bottomed Girls" and "Don't Stop Me Now" x"

Simon Eldridge

"Living the dream!!!" Majesty To Simon

"🎸🎸🎸" Lizzie Spiller

"Hammer to fall x" Gail Paul

"Have a good one guys!!!.....That's not a request, its just good wishes!!😂😘x"

Dipti C Charlton

"#iwantotbreakfree" Majesty To Dipti

"🤘🤘🤘" Dipti To Majesty


Julie Smart

"Have a great show!" Majesty To Julie

"Thanks Xxx"

Kathy Saxton

"And it is amazing."

Photo belongs to Kathy Saxton. Thank you Kathy for allowing me to use your photo.

Carima Jabri

"Amazing Show, thank you xx"

Photo belongs to Carima Jabri. Thank you Carima for allowing me to use your photo.

Requests From Audience Members

On Majesty's FaceBook page, these are the songs that the audience wanted to hear........

Lisa Morris‎ To Majesty

“The show must go on 😄😄😄😄”

Majesty To Lisa

“Lovely song ❤️❤️❤️”

Lisa To Majesty

“So why didn’t you sing it”

Majesty To Lisa

“Ahhh I knew I missed one out!!! Next time dear!! ❤️❤️”

Brodie Mason‎ To Majesty

“Hope they play ‘We are the Champions’”

Majesty To Brodie

“If your all good boys and girls we may treat you 🤘🤘🤘”

‎Brodie To Majesty

“Great tribute band! Thanks”

Hayley Rudland‎ To Majesty

"Please play don’t stop me now! 🙂"

Majesty To Hayley

“Alright! 🤘🤘🤘🎸🎸🎸”

Kim Huffman To Majesty

“Please play - Somebody to Love 😘🥰

I’m at the show tonight 😘😘😘”

Majesty To Kim

“Hope you liked it Kim ❤️❤️❤️”

Kim To Majesty

“Loved it 😉”

Jackie O'Brien‎ To Majesty

“Your my best friend”

Majesty To Jackie

“Love it Jackie ❤️❤️”

David Hicks‎ To Majesty

“Seven seas of rye, Flash Gordon, radio ga ga - for Joanne Hicks

Majesty To David

“Great choices 🤘🤘🤘”

Paris E Young‎ To Majesty

“Radio GaGa, Loving your show”

Majesty To Paris

“Coming your way Paris 🤘🤘🤘”

Paris To Majesty

“Why thank you darlings”

Paris To Majesty

“Majesty Loving your show”

Majesty To Paris


Paris E Young To Majesty

“I love a bit of Love of My Life ❤️”

Merissca Zainudeen‎ To Majesty

“The show must go on”

Majesty To Merissca

“Wonderful song 🤘🤘🤘”

Garry Jarman‎ To Majesty

“We are the champions for Ashleigh”

Majesty To Garry


‎Peter Lee‎ To Majesty

“All dead all dead”

Majesty To Peter


Peter To Majesty

“Majesty and of course love of my life. But I’m sure that’s on your list already 👍👍👍 awesome show😁😁”

Marwan Nabil Fekri‎ To Majesty

“Somebody to love!”

Majesty To Marwan


Romien Benson‎ To Majesty

“Love of my life ❤️”

Majesty To Romien

“Lovely song ❤️❤️”

‎Ezgi Ildam‎ To Majesty

“You are my best friend!!!”

Graeme Henderson‎ To Majesty

“Amazing night on the QE2....can you do “Headlong?” “

Simon King‎ To Majesty

“How about Kashoggi’s Ship? I could have gone a bit more obscure from Queen II which is one of my favourite albums but Kashoggi always brings a smile to my face 😂”

Majesty To Simon

“Love the Miracle album. Can’t beat a bit of early Queen though 🤘🤘🤘”

Sarah Cookette‎ To Majesty

“Radio ga ga, We will rock you For simon, We are your BIGGEST fans”

Majesty To Sarah

“Love it 🤘🤘🤘🤘 coming your way guys x”

Ozan Pekiner‎ To Majesty

“You dont fool me!!!!”

Joana BV‎ To Majesty

“Barcelonaaaa!! ❤❤❤❤❤”

‎Dipti C Charlton‎ To Majesty

“We are the champions !!!”

Ally Lee‎ To Majesty

“Please play Hammer to Fall!!!”

‎Debbi Flanders‎ To Majesty

“Mustafa,Seven seas a Rhys, Don’t stop me now


Having a brilliant time you guys are fab!!!”

Majesty To Debbie

“One of my favourite songs - Mustafa!!!! 🤘🤘🤘🎸🎸🎸”

‎Joanne Graham-Kelly‎ To Majesty

“Hi sitting in the audience and my request is “Love of my life” for my husband Sean who is sat next to me!” He will be shocked if you mention this is for him!

Great gig guys! 👍😘

Majesty To Joanne

“Lovely song Joanne! We’ll see if we can squeeze it in ❤️❤️”

‎Elisha Dove‎ To Majesty

“I won't be a rock star. I will be a legend’. - indeed you are, what a show!!!”

Bohemian Rhapsody for us please 😘😘😘”

Majesty To Elisha

“Love it! 🤘🤘”

‎Dipti C Charlton‎ To Majesty

“I want to break free!!!!!”

‎Ross Moore‎ To Majesty

“I want to break free 🎵👍🏻🥳💃 cause I’m running away from her (temporarily ) 🏃 🤣

Majesty To Ross

“😂😂 We’ve all been there dear!”

‎Will Simpson‎ To Majesty

“Thin Lizzy - The Boys are Back in Town”

Majesty To Will

“😂😂😂 There’s always one isn’t there!”

‎Dipti C Charlton‎ To Majesty

“I want to break free🤗🙏”

Majesty To Dipti

“Coming your way Dipti x 🤘🤘🤘”

Dipti To Majesty

"Thanks a ton, made my evening"

‎Wendy Fletcher‎ To Majesty

“Bohemian Rhapsody, but the whole thing would be amaze balls. Your voice ❤️”

Majesty To Wendy

“We did tease you there didn’t we. If you’re good boys and girls we’ll do it for you Wendy 🤘🤘”

Wendy To Majesty

“👏🏼👏🏼 Majesty you did not disappoint. ❤️”

On Majesty's FaceBook page, this is what people commented on the Review section.........

Reviews From Audience Members

Kristina Beggs

“These guys are amazing- what a great show in Dubai last night! it was like Freddie was there- accent, chat, mannerisms. every single member is an exceptional musician. QE2 2020 supper club!”

Cathie Eagle

“Just back from seeing these guys show on the QE2 and it was brilliant!”

Steve Holmes

“Fabulous show on the QE2 in Dubai last night! I hope they come back to Dubai very soon.... brilliant!”

Sarah Cookette

“Amazing night!! Fab band, fab venue🙌🏻”

Vicky Louise Deegan

“Watched these guys last night on the QE2 in Dubai and they were absolutely amazing! They are a really talented group of musicians. The guys voice is so good and just like Freddie Mercury!”

Elaine Campbell

“Fantastic band. A must see!!”

Emma Ewing

“Brilliant night on the Qe2... Great entertainment. Had a blast!”

Diane Parkins‎ To Majesty

“QE2 you were awesome guys rocked it. Thank you for a fab night”

Elaine Campbell‎ To Majesty

“Fantastic tonight guys on the #QE2Dubai. #Queen done proud! #majestyworldtour

Photos From Majesty

I got in touch with Seth Daniels Peter Southern Chris Holland and Matthew Chung and asked if they took any photos.

Photos belong to Seth Daniels. Thank you Seth for allowing me to use your photos.

Photos belong to Peter Southern. Thank you Peter for allowing me to use your photos.