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Brian May to reissue solo albums in 2021?

Brian May has hinted via his Instagram page that the New Year could see the re-release of his currently out of print solo work and fan's are showing their excitement over the potential for a 2021 release of Brian's solo albums.

Brian released two solo albums in the 90s,” Back to the Light” in 1992 and “Another World” in 1998. He also released the “Starfleet” mini-album in 1983 which featured a collaboration with legendary guitarist Edward Van Halen.

Currently, none of the material is available in physical format or on any of the music streaming websites. Hopefully, this is about to change with the hope of newly remastered editions of the albums.

We know we're super excited about the possibility of Brian May releasing his solo albums again and we're even more excited for the potential of Brian May remastering his solo catalogue of music. We'd love to hear what you think! So feel free to leave a comment about your favourite Brian May solo project!

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brilliant news all Brian's albums are amaizing back to the light is a favourite

Me gusta
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