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Majesty's Watch Party

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

During the COVID-19 coronavirus world pandemic, we have witnessed different countries across the globe react in order to slow down the spread of the virus. Many chose to temporarily close down the country from what has been considered normality for a number of years and dare I say, probably taken for granted.

As a direct knock-on effect, with the closures of venues that would allow groups of large gatherings, many artists/musicians were left to either postpone or cancel their bookings.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, many entertainers have looked into using the different digital platforms available to continue interacting with their followers and in doing so, delivering entertainment to audiences. I certainly have been keeping entertained by keeping up with Brian May and Roger Taylor.

Majesty - A Tribute to Queen has certainly been encouraging their followers to interact with each other through posting various social media posts; from posing questions, and sharing Queen articles whilst I have continued to compose the Majesty Midweek Quiz

Wanting to bring the magic of Queen's music to their followers at home, Majesty took to looking through their gig recordings from the 2019 international tour, which had only previously been used within advertisement trailers. The aim was to edit them together, thus bringing a concert full of exclusive footage to our homes, whilst allowing us to request some shoutouts and chat with Seth, Peter, James and Chris.


The first half of the concert went live on YouTube on Friday 3rd April at 19:30 with Seth also hosting a simultaneous live chat on FaceBook.

After the introductions, the first few songs to feature and kicking the concert off were "We Will Rock You", "Tie Your Mother Down" and "Play The Game"

After a few shoutouts, it was time to enjoy the Majesty Melody, beginning with "Bohemian Rhapsody", then cutting into "Killer Queen" and "Bicycle Race" before returning back to "Bohemian Rhapsody" to conclude the set.

It was back to Seth and the guys for some more shoutouts, followed by bringing us a set from the 70s featuring "Bring Back That Leroy Brown" and "Keep Yourself Alive", where we saw solos from James and Peter; replicating the sounds that Roger Taylor and Brian May did so well during the Queen tours.

After another lot of shootouts, we were then treated to Deacon's classic "Another One Bites The Dust"

No Queen concert would be complete without Freddie Mercury interacting with the audience with his classic and iconic "Day-O" section. There was to be no exception within Majesty's lockdown version, however, the viewers were asked by Seth to join in and to record themselves doing it. We were then invited to submit our videos so that in the second half of the concert, the videos would all be edited together, giving a montage of viewers responding to the "Day-Os"

We can't wait to see the montage, but whilst we wait, here is our video of our attempt in responding to the "Day-Os"

Next up was a studio recording of Seth performing a fantastic acoustic version of "Love Of My Life"

"Mary Lou" and "Fat Bottomed Girls" were next before returning back to Seth and the guys for more shoutouts.

Throughout the UK Lockdown, Brian May invited people to Jam WIth Brian, so when the guys of Majesty saw this, they knew it would be rude to refuse. Their chosen song, "Hammer To Fall" was next up.

Sandwiched between the final shoutouts, was the final song for the first part of the concert. What better way to end, but with "Somebody To Love"

The full length of the first part of the concert can be viewed below:


As with all concerts, you have to have a second part, and this watch party was no different.

On Friday 29th May, Seth once again went live simultaneously on FaceBook and YouTube

In this second part, Seth was flying solo on the hosting, but the remaining band members, Peter, James and Chris were all at their computers standing by commenting to the viewers.

After the introductions, the second part kicked off with "One Vision" and "Seven Seas Of Rhye".

It was back to Seth for some shoutouts, where he gave a teaser of what was to come, following the audience participating in part 1 of the "Day-Os". Participants that Seth mentioned were Ann, Caroline, Dave, Claire, Debs, Harrison, Harvey, Holly, Jayne, Josepth, Jenny, Lyn & I, Marie, Amy, Simon, Terri, Thomas Wendy and Tracey.

Following the teaser, Seth introduced the next two videos; "Don't Stop Me Now" and "Radio Ga Ga"

It was back once again to Seth, who got through some more shoutouts and then was excited to introduce Freddie and Friends with the famous "Day-Os"

Once again, we headed back to Seth, who had come up with a crazy, but fun idea for another home participation - this time, he wanted us to go mad, dress up and get the props ready for recording "I Want To Break Free".

Seth gave us some opportunity to gather up the props, whilst he continued the concert with "Crazy Little Thing Called Love"

We headed back to Seth, who started to draw the proceedings to a conclusion. He provided the opportunity as a last chance to get the shoutouts in to follow the last videos of the night - these were "We Will Rock You" and "Bohemian Rhapsody"

A this point in time, normally during a show, it is customary for the audience to encourage the performing act to do an encore - well Seth obviously couldn't hear us at home, so it was over to the comments section for us at home to show the appreciation of the event and of course to persuade (like he needed to) Seth to show us some more footage.

Whilst he was waiting for the comments to come in, he read out more of the shoutouts.

It was at this point, that he reminded the viewers of the Majesty Midweek Quiz that I have been composing for over a year - weekly on a Wednesday evening. Seth also took the opportunity to thank both Lyn and I for all the work that we have been helping with.

Encore time was upon us; we were treated to two numbers, the first being a medley of Rock 'n' Roll songs consisting of "Big Spender", "Jailhouse Rock" and "Great Balls Of Fire" and the closing hit "We Are The Champions"

It was back over to Seth for one last time, where he thanked everyone who joined to watch the live show on both Facebook and YouTube before saying goodbye for the night,

He closes the watch party with a video of Majesty performing a studio version of "One Vision"

The full length of the second part of the concert can be viewed below:

Viewer's Comments and Reviews

Following the live event, Majesty - A Tribute To Queen received some excellent reviews, here is a selection:

Steve Purvis

I just thought it was absolutely classic. Very artistic both the way it was performed and the production of the video and very uplifting in these hard times.


We couldn't wait for Majesty's live stream on Friday night. Myself and my two children 7 year old Lola and 11 year old Owen got ready with our goodies and sat down to watch. We loved seeing Seth, Peter, Chris and James on the live stream and really enjoyed watching the show they had put together. Our favourite songs they did were Another One Bites The Dust and Play the Games. In fact, they were all amazing! We loved it when they did a shout out for us, we were all cheering at the screen!! They also mentioned the Taylor's from Stalybridge (my mum and dad). It was great to see them on the stream and for them taking their own time to do it, it definitely kept our spirits up during lockdown. We joined in doing our Day-Oh's!! The finale was great when they jammed with Dr Brian May!! It was great seeing them all together. It was a lovely surprise, we would love to see more. Thank you guys for making our Friday night, and keeping everyone's spirits up during such a testing time. You were all amazing, and we thank you so much. Carrie-Ann, Lola and Owen Leigh x

Susan Hookway

We really enjoyed the live stream and it really cheered us up at this difficult time. Was lovely to take our mind off things. The Jam with Brian May was brilliant and very well put together. We are looking forward to seeing them again! Xx

Joey Holdsworth

I thought the stream was great, it was really fun to see the lads all together creating such a fun time for the Queen community and was really special to be apart of. As for the Brian May jam, how epic was that?! Sounded fab, and was proper great, really put a smile on me and my mums face while doing the decorating! :)

Wendy Schofield

I thought it was absolutely fantastic, Amazing how they got it put together, absolutely loved the live stream, xx

Jayne Worth

Well obviously Brian May Rocks!! But the guys Rocked his socks off!! Just shows how high the standard of musicianship that Majesty have and Seth's voice is so comparable to Freddie's that when they started playing I was up a ladder decorating whilst listening and I had to stop what I was doing to look and make make sure it was Seth singing! Then Josef and I danced around a bit and watched the rest lolol xx

Kyrie Baldwin

I enjoyed the videos that were played, that they did so many shootouts for those watching. It was also fun how they were messing about with the camera filters 😅. The jam with Brian May was awesome, it was fun, upbeat and well choreographed. I have shared it and did mention Brian on twitter to try and get him to see it. Xx

Marilyn Macdonald

I enjoyed the live stream it was fantastic, It was great to see all the guys on video, and Seth done an amazing job of introducing it. Their Jam with Brian May was incredible. Looking forward to the next live stream.

Jennie Taylor

Well Friday night arrived that meant majestys live stream on YouTube. I was so exited when the guys announced they were doing it. Having only seen them a few weeks before i was so excited. I was also watchin seths live on facebook at the same time talk about multi-tasking 😂 they did plenty of shoutouts including one for me and my family. And also wished my 4 year old son a happy birthday. My fav song of the night was a surprise jam with Mr Brian May that was absolutely amazing they did it so well. Iloved it. The night overall was brilliant. I'm on the third time watchin it now cos i enjoyed watching it. Keep rocking majesty. See you in September hopefully and stay safe.

Moira Morris

I thought they were both excellent.

Kristen Hardy

The live stream on Friday was great for Majesty’s fans to come together in what is a uncertain time. People are feeling isolated and having something different to watch and enjoy was an excellent idea! The guys have a lot of fans worldwide which is great to see! The Brian May jam is excellent and certainly getting some serious views!

Gail Paul

I thoroughly enjoyed the live stream!! I did get a little confused though.....watching the live AND Facebook?!🤷‍♀️ looking forward to the next one,thank you guys!! Stay safe!!x

Juliette Davina

Live stream was great, cast it from my phone to the tv, family loved it!

Chris Marten

Absolutely brilliant 🙂

Ewan Finnie

Thanks for your effects tonight, well done 👏👏👏👑


You can stay updated by following Majesty - the UK's best Queen tribute on their FaceBook, Twitter or Instagram page.

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1 Comment

Marilyn Macdonald
Marilyn Macdonald
May 26, 2020

Brilliant blog Dale, really enjoyed reading it. Great photos and I love the video of you and Lyn doing the Da-o's. xx

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