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Queen Tribute Band Majesty Perform At The Bloomfield Club Blackpool(29.3.19)

Last night 29th March 2019, Queen Tribute Band Majesty performed their fantastic show at the Bloomfield Club Blackpool.

I got in touch with the venue through Facebook and asked them if they could send me some pictures and any feedback they have on the night. They said that is no problem at all.

Photos From Bloomfield Club Blackpool

Thank you to the Bloomfield Club for allowing me to use their Photos.

I caught up with The Bloomfield Club through messenger and thanked them for the photo and feedback, they said,” My pleasure Lyn, they are such a fantastic band, I feel blessed to have them on our stage. The ultimate tribute band, untouchable. The work you do is fantastic”

I said to them “They certainly are and they are all very talented and lovely bunch of guys. Awww thank you, I've been supporting them since Aug 2017 and only been Blogging for them for 4 months, I enjoy blogging for them.”

Feedback From Audience Members

Here is the Feedback that Bloomfield Club sent me and what lovely feedback they had.

Majesty Facebook Page

On “Queen Tribute Band Majesty” FaceBook page they posted this…..

It’s nice to be #Home Performing in our hometown of #Blackpool for tonight’s #QueenTribute Concert at the Bloomfield Club & Institute. Get your requests in now and we’ll see if we can squeeze them in! #Queen #ReadyFreddie

People's Comments Etc To Majesty

Gaynor McNeil

“Well worth a trip from Hull to see this fantastic performance xx”

Majesty to Gaynor

“thanks for coming Gaynor 😘”

Gaynor to Majesty

“Majesty your very welcome I’ve had a brilliant night xx”

Nikki Wilkinson

“Request pleeeeeease!!! Married in Oct, Crazy Little Thing was our first dance 😬 Neil and Nikki”

Majesty to Nikki

“love it! ❤️”

Paula Davis

“Amazing performance... wow.. Please play 'days of our lives ' xx”

Majesty to Paula


Paula to Majesty

“Majesty thank you 😘😘 you are all amazing. Cant wait see you at bandstand at Stanley park xx”

Paula Davis

“Please play "days of our lives" xx”

Majesty to Paula

“lovely song! ❤️”

Paula to Majesty

"Majesty u sang it beautiful too so thank u ❤❤”

Lyn Macdonald

“It must be lovely performing in your home town. Must be nice to see familiar faces.”

Majesty to Lyn

“it’s a nice change that’s for sure.”

Jean Irene Kearon

“Absolutely fantastic band well worth going to see. Will definitely go and see them again.”

Photos Belong to Jean Irene Kearon. Thank you Jean for allowing me to use your photos.

Jackie Barnett-Wheatcroft

“This band may as well be the real thing... they are amazing. I’ve got a very excited husband because I’m taking him to see them in April”

Photos Belong to Sally Bradley. Thank you Sally for allowing me to use your photos.

To keep updated on what “Queen Tribute Band Majesty” are up to visit their FaceBook and Twitter page.

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