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Queen Quiz - Live At The Rainbow '74

Updated: Mar 20

Album Artwork Cover for Queen's Live At The Rainbow '74 album

Live At The Rainbow '74 was released as a Single CD, Double CD, Quadruple Vinyl, DVD,

Blu-Ray and a deluxe box set including reproduction tour memorabilia.

The album contains live concerts, recorded at the Rainbow Theatre in London in November of 1974.

Video footage was previously released on VHS as Live From The Rainbow, consisting of half-hour footage; it was released in cinemas during the 1970s and 1980s as an opener to films - most notably for Jaws 2 in the UK.

The Rainbow Theatre venue is no longer a music venue, instead, it is now a church.

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Last Week's Queen Quiz


Our last quiz asked about if you could identify five Queen songs from the opening lines.

Did you participate and get all 5?

If you missed it, you can find it here


Missed A Quiz?


We first started to produce our weekly midweek Queen quiz in May 2019.

Our Queen quizzes can be found here


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