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Queen Quiz - Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy

Disc artwork for Queen's First E.P. - featuring the single Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy

Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy was the lead single from Queen's First E.P.

The song was one of several British music-hall-inspired songs that members of Queen composed throughout their career.

The song describes how "a good old-fashioned lover boy" is looking forward to a night of revelry and romance.

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Last Week's Queen Quiz


In our last quiz, we posed questions about the Queen Rock Montreal concert

Did you participate and get all 5?

If you missed it, you can find it here


Missed A Quiz?


We first started to produce our weekly midweek Queen quiz in May 2019.

Our Queen quizzes can be found here


Latest News From Queen Tribute Band - Majesty


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You can also stay updated with the latest news by following Majesty - the UK's best Queen tribute on their social pages.


Latest News From Rob Lea


Did you know that Rob Lea has released his very own original music?

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