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Queen Dinner and Dance Night 16/03/19 By Kyrie Gemma Baldwin.

On Saturday 16/03/19, Kyrie Gemma Baldwin and here friend Lynsey went to The Inn On The Lake Hotel in Gravesend, Kent for a Queen Themed dinner and dance. The event was sold out.

Please have a read of Kyrie and Lynsey's night.

Photo of Kyrie with Gary the Freddie Mercury Tribute act. Thank you Kyrie for allowing me to use your wonderful photo.

Queen Dinner and Dance Night 16/03/19

On Saturday 16/03/19 me and my friend Lynsey went to The Inn On The Lake Hotel in Gravesend, Kent for a Queen Themed dinner and dance. The event was sold out.

We arrived at the hotel at 6:40pm due to instructions stating they would start seating everyone at 7pm. We checked in at reception and was advised someone would be out about half past 7 to seat everyone. We got a drink from the bar and took a seat at a table and were chatting about different things including, work, home life etc. At half 7 the doors were opened to the dinner room, we went in and were seated at table 22.

On the ceiling was sheets of what looked like draped white silk and there was a huge disco ball which was spinning around creating a sparkle around the room and on the dance floor in the middle of the room.

The night started with a 3 course meal. Myself and Lynsey had the same 3 courses: Spring Vegetable Soup for our starter with a bread roll, Beef Roast for our main with all the trimmings and Chocolate and Orange tart for our dessert. It was fantastic quality and very much enjoyed.

The meal was finished by 09:50pm, whilst the clear up was being done me and Lynsey were talking about some of the other events on a leaflet we were looking at that were taking place at the hotel later in the year and also about our trip to see Majesty in Catford on April 26th, we discussed travel arrangements and what we would wear. I decided on jeans, my denim plimsolls and Freddie Mercury T-Shirt, I showed Lynsey where I got mine as she was interested in getting one herself for the Majesty show. We also spoke about seeing if we could get our tickets signed by the band.

Once the clear up was finished some disco music was put on for half an hour before the tribute act came on. It started off with "Oops Upside Your Head" many of the attendees of the event got up and went onto the dance floor. Many other classics played like "Agga doo" and "Never Gonna Give You Up". One of the staff of the hotel was going around the room and dance floor taking pictures of everyone.

At half past 10 it was time for the tribute act to come on. As everyone was screaming I only caught his first name which was Gary. He came on stage in the famous Wembley 86 outfit including the Yellow biker jacket, I was pleased by this as it is one of my favourite outfits. He started off with Crazy Little Thing Called Love which got many people up singing and dancing. Me and Lynsey sang and clapped our hands. He did a few more songs during which time me and Lynsey were wondering whether to get up and dance but were worried about our handbags, but when he started Fat Bottom Girls, Lynsey and I said it had to be done and got up to dance, during us being up on the dance floor he also sung Somebody to Love, We Will Rock You - everyone on the dancefloor did the foot stomps and clap during this number, I Want it All and Killer Queen.

We enjoyed being up and dancing but sat down after this as we were hot and feeling a little tired. He was on stage till half past 11 and did other hits like You're My Best Friend, Bohemian Rhapsody and ended with We Are The Champions. He was very camp but spoke to the crowd in the same manner Freddie would of done and he also did the famous Ayyy-Oh from Wembley which everyone including me joined in with he was fun and enjoyable I would see him again if he came back to the same venue.

After Gary came off stage he was hugging people and speaking with them as he was leaving the dinner hall. When he got to where I was I asked if I could get a picture with him, he was courteous and very happy to oblige. Lynsey took the picture of us and I thanked him.

Disco music was put on to end the night, Lynseys husband was picking us up at midnight so we had one last drink and spoke with a couple who were sitting on the table next to us. We got chatting as the gentleman's wife had noticed my personalised Freddie Mercury phone cover, they said we seemed a bit young to be at the event, I told them I was 28 but had got into Queen through my dad, Lynsey told them her age and the gentleman said he thought she was my age. He also said he thought Gary was good but he did want to see a full band tribute.

I thought this was my opportunity to help spread the word about Majesty, I explained me and Lynsey were going to be seeing Majesty at the Catford Broadway Theatre on 26th April, I showed him the Majesty Facebook page and also said I'd had some contact with their lead singer Seth who is a gentleman and come out, along with guitarist Peter, after the shows to see the fans. He asked where I got the tickets and what were the prices like. I told him I booked the tickets through the theatres website and that the prices were very reasonable only £23.50 for the stalls and that was for 2nd row at the front. They said they will look into it, they laughed at my excitement and also when I told them what Queen concerts I had on DVD and how I can distinguish between the different concerts when I listen to the live versions of songs on my phone they commented that I was very dedicated.

Lynsey and myself were picked up at midnight as planned and I got home at 12:40am buzzing from the energy of the night and happy that I was able to also get Majesty's name out there for others to look into.

Next event now is Majesty on 26th April I can't wait !!! :-D

Thank You Kyrie

Thank you so much Kyrie for sharing with us the wonderful night that you and Lynsey had.

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Marilyn Macdonald
Marilyn Macdonald
Apr 14, 2019

Kyrie, great evening had by you and your friend. You are going to love "majesty" when you see them later this month.


Lyn Macdonald
Lyn Macdonald
Apr 14, 2019

Sounds like you and Lynsey had an amazing night. Thank you so much for sharing. You are going to have an amazing night when you see Majesty x


Dale Tatnell
Dale Tatnell
Apr 14, 2019

Sounds like a great evening. Thanks for sharing

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