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Peoples Reviews On The Film "Bohemian Rhapsody".

Peter Southern and Seth Daniels at the Wembley SSE Arena on the 23rd October 2018.

Peter And Seth At The Wembley SSE Arena.

On the 23rd of October 2018 it was the premier of Bohemian Rhapsody Film which was held at the Wembley SSE Arena. Seth Daniels and Peter Southern

were invited along. In this Blog you can read what the guys and other people thought of the film.

Here are some photos that Seth took on the night.


These Photos Belong to Seth Daniels. Thank you for allowing me to use these, they are great.

Watching Bohemian Rhapsody At My Local Cinema.

On the 29th October 2018, my Fiance Dale and I went to our local cinema in Gorleston, Norfolk to watch the film.

Dale and I at our local Cinema waiting for Bohemian Rhapsody to start.

My Review On The Film

What a fab film Bohemian Rhapody is. I really enjoyed it. I found that in some places it was very funny and other times very sad and I admit that I did have a few tears. I was very pleased that my favourite song "Fat Bottomed Girls" was featured. I was singing away to all the songs but obviously to myself as I didn't want to disturb people round me. I am so looking forward to this film coming out on DVD. Well Done to Rami Malek, Brian May, Roger Taylor and everyone else who was involved with this wonderful film. Also well done to Rami for getting a BAFTA for Best Actor and well done to the film for getting a BAFTA for Best Sound.

Reviews From Other People

Dale Tatnell (My Fiance, also Supporter of "Majesty Queen Tribute")

"I had been looking forward to the release of Bohemian Rhapsody for quite some time and was hopeful that having Brian May and Roger Taylor highly involved in the film would give an excellent account of Queen's rising till the epic Live Aid performance in 1985. After all the media hype about the film, I admit that I'd left the cinema with the buzz of hearing Queen’s music through an excellent sound system, but yet somewhat disappointed that the film failed to deliver factual accuracy, particularly as it made it seem like everything happened before Live Aid in 85. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed the film, but felt it gave an account of the band in false pretense, which some viewers may take as gospel, especially as Brian and Roger were involved. For instance, the film made it look like the band had an issue with Freddie recording solo and had not spoken to each other. In fact they recorded "The Works" album alongside Freddie fitting in solo work (i.e. no split), it was a sudden decision in about 88 that songs were written by Queen as opposed to individuals. Also, Freddie's HIV/Aids diagnosis was confirmed in 87, but the remaining band members were kept in the dark until 89, by which time, Freddie was frail and couldn't really hide it. I felt that it was just misleading to make the audience believe the band knew (after all, the audience are not all Queen fans) I would of preferred the story of Queen's journey and tribulations, ending with Live Aid that regenerated them. After all, that performance was simply brilliant. Who would've thought that Freddie actually performed that against doctors advice."

Louise Marshall (Friend Of Mine)

"I love the movie, already watched it 3 times, its an awesome movie and love Queens music"

Seth Daniels (Freddie Mercury from,Queen Tribute Band-Majesty)

“I was lucky enough to be invited to the premiere of the film along with Peter Southern. Peter and I were filming a video for the Mercury Phoenix Trust the day after, so it was an honour to be able to do both in the space of two days. Since the film was screened in the Wembley SSE Arena, the energy was already electrifying as thousands of Queen fans packed the arena to witness the first showing of the film. Firstly, I felt an unexpected emotion as the film began, like Freddie was visiting us for a moment in time to show us a little insight into his life. The whoops and cheers every time a new member was on screen only added to the euphonium everyone was feeling. It was an incredible experience. Rami Malek’s performance as Freddie Mercury had a real grounding. His fragility showed throughout the film, maybe a little two much in my humble opinion as I lost a little bit of the strength that Freddie had upon the stage; but off the stage Rami gave an unbelievably compelling and moving performance as the Rock idol. The other band members was a masterclass in casting. They naturally fell into the patter of the band and credit particularly goes to Joseph Mazzello who played the part of John Deacon, he brought an incredible intelligent and funny voice to an often quiet individual and it was everything I imagined John would be. The real star of the film goes to whoever did the sound production. It was an incredibly immersive experience. It was lost a little in the Arena due to the scale of the venue but I knew it was all there so I went to see it again at my local theatre and I was bowled over. The musical journey held all the emotional content for me, of course you was listening to Freddie in his prime and the way they made you feel like you were stood amongst the audience watching was unbelievable. Over all, as much as I do agree with a lot of criticism about the story, as a stand alone film it was a fitting tribute to the life and music of Queen and should introduce a whole new generation to the legend that is Freddie Mercury.

Marilyn Macdonald (My Mum and also Supporter of "Majesty Queen Tribute")

"I loved the film, it was brilliant. Would recommened it and will definatley be buying it when it comes out on DVD."

Peter Southern (Brian May from,Queen Tribute Band-Majesty)

"I was lucky enough to get an invite to the London premiere of the movie at Wembley Arena. It was a great atmosphere to see the film,7000 people along with the cast and crew and of course Brian and Roger. We got to walk the "purple" carpet and enjoy the film on a huge screen and powerful sound system. Yes it does take liberties with the chronology and certain events, but the power and spirit of Freddie and the band is captured along with great attention to detail regarding the costumes,instruments and staging. The triumphant Live Aid performance is brilliantly recreated and the timeless power of the music shines through. I liked it!"

Julie Thompson (Friend of mine)

"We thought the film was great will get it on DVD when it comes out"

Sarah Hodds (Friend of mine)

"Couldn't wait to watch the film being a Queen fan from a young age and wasn't disappointed by it, absolutely fantastic I was glued to the screen"

Bernie Keith (Radio Presenter) Brnie's show is called Rock 'n' Roll Heaven. He can be heard on Saturday Evenings between 6pm and 8pm on any BBC Local Radio Station in the East of England.

"As a lifelong Queen fan, I'm so pleased Bohemian Rhapsody has received 5 Oscar nods! I thought it was great, elevated to "magnificent" by the last 20 minutes' Live Aid recreation. Splendid! I read on here how it's set the bar high for all future music bio-pics as it was so accurate. Not true by any means: it was Brian and Roger's story so they could tell it any way they wanted but loads of things were either chronologically or factually wrong. Doesn't matter, I guess, when it was such a good film, and maybe they had to do it to make it work cinematically, but it distracted me from the movie (I was physically hit the 12th time I leant over to my mate and whispered "this didn't happen!"). Freddie didn't meet Jim as a waiter at his party - he met him at Heaven; he didn't find him on the day of Live Aid - they'd been together a while by then; the Mike Myers character didn't exist - he was made up; John Reid wasn't fired in the back of a cab in New York: they signed a termination contract in a very civilised manner in Roger's garden; Freddie doing solo work didn't split the band- Brian and Roger had already done solo albums; they hadn't not played for ages before Live Aid: they'd just done a hugely successful tour for The Works; Rock in Rio wasn't in the 70s - it was just before Live Aid; Freddie didn't meet them the night Tim Staffel left Smile - he and Roger already had a market stall at the time; Paul Prenter wasn't fired for failing to tell them about Live Aid - it was when a party trashed Freddie's house; Freddie didn't receive his HIV diagnosis before Live Aid - it was 2 years later. And then a few others too. But it wasn't a documentary - it was a film. And a great one at that. But it hasn't set the bar for accuracy for future music movies, rock'n'roll or otherwise."

Ray Lyon (My Uncle)

"Brilliant film well worth going to see. Can't wait till it Comes out on DVD"

Susan Hookway (Supporter of "Majesty Queen Tribute")

"It was very enjoyable and was emotional in parts. It was an eye opener to Freddie's life. Could of watched it for longer, really enjoyable"

Jenny Begley (Fiend of mine)

"I’ve seen Bohemian Rhapsody and loved it! I’ve never really been into Queen but was intrigued by the great reviews the film received. It was fascinating to gain a detailed and accurate insight into the life of Freddie and the rest of the band, and I really enjoyed all their songs interspersed throughout the film - so much so that I downloaded Queen’s Greatest Hits straight afterwards! I think the film really showed what a true legend Freddie was and what a tragedy his early death was. Totally recommend it!"

Gary Curtis (Supporter of "Majesty Queen Tribite" )

"I absolutely loved it! Easily the best film of 2018! I know it had it's problems and took years to make, but it was well worth the wait in my opinion. From the opening sequence of Freddie warming up and running to the Live Aid stage I was hooked! Going back to Freddie meeting the other members of what would later become Queen, the ups and downs of their careers and private lives and back to where we began, on the Live Aid stage, was an absolute treat. I don't know anybody who doesn't know at least a couple of Queen tracks and the film gave a great insight into the history of the band. The casting was outstanding and every band member was portrayed brilliantly. The supporting cast were spot on as well. There were moments of great humour and also of great sadness. I know I wasn't the only one leaving the cinema a bit dewy eyed. 😢 Great testament to the film is that it is the only time I've ever witnessed the whole audience staying seated during the credits. It was as if they wanted to savour every single moment of the film. That in itself was quite moving. I know there will be the mega Queen fans who can pick holes in the film, but as a snapshot of the history of Queen, I don't think it can be bettered. If you've ever tapped your feet or sung along to a Queen track, make sure you see this film!"

Wendy Schofield (Supporter of "Majesty Queen Tribute")

"I saw it twice, absolutely loved it and omg what a brilliant job he did. He definitely brought our Freddie alive, all of the band were amazing and the whole film left me feeling really emotional"

Chris Holland (John Deacon from,Queen Tribute Band-Majesty)

"I liked the film. I think biopic stories in general can be difficult to make enjoyable films to watch. Bohemian Rhapsody does do a great job combining Queens songs with dramatic events and lighthearted comedic moments. Visually I think the presentation was great because of the finer details and choreography, the introduction and Freddie's party in particular all of the queen trainspotters stuff. The only small criticism I wouldn't have minded of seeing more of how the band started out at the beginning given the storyline especially as Mary Austin played a role in helping the band before they were successful it seemed perhaps a nice way to add more to her character and would it have killed them to have a scene introducing "Deacy" I guess I'm biased though. That being said I imagine pacing of the story and time restraints on the film probably dictated that perhaps they are deleted scenes. Overall though I think it was very tastefully done."

James Campion (Roger Taylor From Queen Tribute Band-Majesty)

"I was blown away when I first saw Bohemian Rhapsody and equally so the second time! It’s captivating from start to finish, making you really understand just what Freddie went through and there are some great band moments. I particularly like the humorous ongoing remarks towards Roger about his song ‘I’m in Love With My Car’ which was of course the awesome b side to Bohemian Rhapsody. It was also great to see such a mix of all ages in the cinema, all enjoying the magic of Queen. It bodes well for the future of the music."

Thank You

I just want to say a huge Thank you to everyone of you that gave me your Review on the film, I enjoyed reading every single one. I hope you have enjoyed reading this Blog, I certainly enjoyed putting it together. Thank you to Seth, Peter, Chris and James for giving me the opportunity to Blog for you.

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Lyn Macdonald
Lyn Macdonald

Thank you Mum and Dale. Glad you enjoyed reading it. I can't wait to hear what Seth, Peter, James and Chris think of the Blog.


Dale Tatnell
Dale Tatnell

A good mixture of reviews. Really enjoyed reading. Really glad the film recieved a BAFTA for its sound!


Marilyn Macdonald
Marilyn Macdonald

Wow, well what can I say... brilliantly put together Lyn, so enjoyed reading everyones reviews and the pro and cons people had on the film. I am so pleased that Rami Malek got the BAFTA Best Actor Award for this amazing film.

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