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Oake Manor, Somerset, 4.1.19.

Photo Belongs to Wendy Schofield. Thank you Wendy for this Photo. In this Photo, Seth Daniels, Chris Holland and James Campion.

Last night and Friday Night (4.1.19 and 5.1.19) "Majesty Queen Tribute" were performing at Oake Manor Restaurant & Lounge Bar in Somerset.

Wendy Schofield was one of the many lucky guests that got to see "Majesty Queen Tribute" perform. This was Wendy's first time seeing "Majesty Queen Tribute"

"Thank you so much for a brilliant night at Oake Manor tonight, you are absolutely brilliant, thank you for bringing our Freddie alive" - Wendy Schofield on "Majesty Queen Tribute" Facebook Page.

Here are some wonderful photos of "Majesty Queen Tribute" that Wendy took.

Photos Belong to Wendy Schofield. In photos, Seth Daniels, Peter Southern, Chris Holland and James Campion.

Thank you so much Wendy for allowing me to use your photos in my Blog.

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