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Majesty's Witchwood Gig (18.5.19) By Jennie Taylor.

On the 18th May 2019 "Queen Tribute Band Majesty" performed their fantastic show at The Witchwood.

In the audience was Jennie Taylor and her Mum. This was their first time seeing Majesty.

On Majesty's FaceBook page, Jennie posted a picture and feedback on her night. I got in touch with Jennie through Majesty's facebook page, we started talking and I told her that I do Blogs on Majesty's website. We started talking through messenger. I asked Jennie if she would like to do a full write up on her night to go on Majesty's website. Here is what Jennie said about the night, along with some fab photos that she took.

Hi everyone, I'm Jennie and I live in Salford, part of Greater Manchester. I'm 30 years old, live with my partner of almost 7 years and my little boy Michael who's 3 years old. I've been a Queen fan for as long as I can remember. I was brought up listening to Queen as my Mum, Dad and older Sister are Queen fans too. My Dad saw Queen on the 26th November 1975 at the Free Trade Hall in Manchester for £1, where they played songs such as "Bohemian Rhapsody", "Killer Queen", "Keep Yourself Alive" "Procession" and more. He said it was an amazing gig.

So Majesty; it was my Mum that first heard about them. I remember her telling me there was an awesome Queen tribute band called Majesty and they were playing at the Witchwood on the 18th May 2019. She had already YouTubed them and said she really wanted to go. I thought I'd check them out too. On the way to work that night, I YouTubed them. I thought omg they are amazing. I then texted my Mum and said we need to get tickets we need to go see Majesty.

On the 26th April I went and got our tickets from the Witchwood. I was so happy and couldn't believe we were going. The days went by slowly up until they were playing. Then before I knew it, it was the 18th May.

I dropped my little boy off at his Grandmas for the night and headed up to my Mum and Dad's in Stalybridge. Rocking my Queen and Adam Lambert top. We both got ready and set off to the Witchwood, had a drink in the actual pub then went into the back room where Majesty would be coming on stage.

We got our drinks and went to find a place. I love taking pictures so wanted to stand somewhere decent, it was already full of people. The only space near the front was next to the speaker but we didn't care because we were at the front. (😊) Music was playing in the room and at around 9.40pm it went off, Majesty then entered and Seth ran on stage.

Everyone was screaming, wooing and clapping. As the night went on everyone were loving it. Dancing, singing and in general having an amazing night. I didn't want the night to end. My favorites were "Bohemian Rhapsody", "I Want To Break Free" and "It's A Kind Of Magic". The band played brilliantly and were always smiling. Seth just sounded like Freddie even when he spoke. It got to around 11pm and they had just finished their last song when the audience were screaming for more. The band agreed and did another 2 songs.

When they finished, they took a bow then stood for a few pictures and began shaking hands. Me, my Mum and a lot of others had their arms out. Seth, Peter, Chris and James began shaking hands, when he got to me, Seth gave me a hug and kissed my cheek. I was so shocked, I hugged him.

The guys didn't even do it in two sets, they just did a one continuous set. I bet they were knackered. It was so amazing to see them. Me and my Mum loved it, as well as everyone else who were there. I didn't want it to end but they needed a rest at some point. They all waved and said goodbye to us all and went off stage. I was on a high then…

Until next time guys - Good luck in future gigs and rock on…

Below are a few of Jennie's favourite pics from the night.

Jennie's Post On Majesty's Facebook

"Had the best night last night at the witchwood in Ashton watchin you all. First time seeing you guys and certainly won't be the last you guys were amazing. It made my night even better when you (seth) gave me a hug n kissed my cheek. 😂 Rock on majesty"

Thank you so much Jennie for sharing your fantastic evening with us all.

To keep updated on what “Queen Tribute Band Majesty” are up to, visit their FaceBook Twitter and One Night With Freddie page.

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