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Majesty’s Weekend Performances

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Over the weekend of Friday 2nd, August to Sunday 4th August, Queen Tribute Band - Majesty performed their fantastic show at Cheltenham, Crawley and finally Blackpool.

The shows acted as a warm-up towards the forthcoming week ahead, where they will be performing their brand new show One Night With Freddie, at the Edinburgh Fringe.



Kicking off the weekend, on Friday, 2nd August, "Queen Tribute Band - Majesty" performed their fantastic show at The Bacon Theatre in Cheltenham.

Located in the beautifully landscaped grounds of Dean Close School, the Bacon Theatre is the ideal setting for a memorable night out. With affordable ticket prices, free on-site parking, a fully licensed bar and a friendly front of house team, they are justifiably proud of what they have to offer.

Prior to their performance, the following was posted on their Facebook page:


Tonight we will be hitting the stage at The Bacon Theatre.

Hope to see you there.

Are you going to be there? #Comment if you are and tell us what songs you would like to hear us play.

Requests Received

Gail Paul Awe

......have a good one guys!!!x

(Wish I was there)!!

Tracey Khedira

Kenny and Oliwier (age 10) would love to hear We are the Champions or seven seas of rhye.

We're having a great time 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

Queen Tribute Band - Majesty

oh yeah!!!!!! 🤘🤘🤘

Tracey Khedira

Or play the game - so many great songs 🎶

Kerry Louise Daniels

My son Logan is here for his birthday treat and would like to request I want to break free and under pressure 😁😁

Queen Tribute Band - Majesty

great choices 🤘🤘🤘

Carole Hembury

Loving the show! Would love to to hear Headlong 😀

Kirsty Crompton

Who wants to live forever please! Loving the show guys

Sue Urquhart

Please sing Love of My Life again.......brought me out in goosebumps!!!!!

Debbie Turner

Debbie Turner See you later xx Barcelona please.🎵🎵xx

Margaret Jones

Islands in the stream please !!!!!!! I beg you !!!!!!!!

Sharon Dabbs-was Berry

It’s fab!

Andy Pyrka


‎Sharon Dabbs-was Berry‎

Sheer heart attack


Queen Tribute Band - Majesty


Wendy Towler‎

Absolutely loving the show... Friends would be friends I would love to hear if time 😊

Queen Tribute Band - Majesty

We shall make time for you Wendy!! ❤️❤️

Wendy Towler

Thank you so much it for a dear friend who was a massive Queen fan and sadly not hear to share this tribute with me xx

Queen Tribute Band - Majesty

I'm sure she's here with us Wendy ❤️❤️

Wendy Towler

Thank you for sharing that song cracking show tonight look forward to seeing you again sometime you were awesome! X

Queen Tribute Band - Majesty

So glad you enjoyed it, Wendy! You guys really rocked tonight 🤘🤘

Carolyn Hutchinson‎

The show must go on please please please 🎭🎸🎶🎤🥁

Queen Tribute Band - Majesty

Amazing song!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Joel Anderson‎

Please play White Queen if you dare 🤭😂

Queen Tribute Band - Majesty

What a song🤘🤘🤘🤘

Sara Young‎

Loving your show at the Bacon Theatre Cheltenham. Would be great to hear Days of our lives.

Queen Tribute Band - Majesty

Lovely song Sara ❤️❤️❤️

Sara Young

Beautiful performance amazing show. Thank you x

Steph Green

Could you please play Hammer To Fall? It’s my son Damien’s favourite song xx

Margaret Jones‎

Islands in the stream, please !!!!!!!!!

Queen Tribute Band - Majesty


Reviews from Audience Members

Steph Green

It’s only half time but this has been truly amazing xxx they are an amazing and wonderful band xxxxx

Debbie Turner

Thank you for a wonderful evening you are fantastic xxxx

Queen Tribute Band - Majesty

Thanks Debbie! You guys were amazing. ❤️

Mel Gorman

Amazing! We had a fantastic night x

Queen Tribute Band - Majesty

Thanks Mel. You guys were amazing. Such an honour ❤️

Amanda Louise

My sister Tracy and I had a brilliant evening 😁 such an amazing voice and that band 👌🏻 we loved every minute

Carolyn Hutchinson

Outstanding. had everyone on their feet all night! Such an amazing band. Thanks, Majesty 💕

Photos kindly used with permission from Carolyn Hutchinson

Catherine Hipwell

Amazing night- not only did the Freddie tribute sing like him, he spoke exactly like him too! He also had his mannerisms down to a tee!

“Brian” was fab on the electric guitar, “John” on the bass and “Roger” on the drums.

You had the whole audience joining in singing and dancing.

Thanks for giving my son a shout out for his birthday- he was absolutely thrilled and is still buzzing now.

It was a night we will never forget- OUTSTANDING!

Majesty, you did yourselves proud- what a night!

Everyone at the Edinburgh Fringe is in for a treat as it’s one hell of a show!

🎵🎸 🥁 👑🎵 🎸🥁👑🎵🎸🥁👑🎵

Photos kindly used with permission from Catherine Hipwell

Anita Farrow

Went to the Bacon Theatre last night 2nd Aug, they where amazing Freddies voice wow

Mosie Ashton

Amazing experience, they rock!!!

Richard Lakin

Saw them last night in Cheltenham...... what an amazing night, fantastic sound.

Queen Tribute Band - Majesty

Thanks Richard you guys rocked!!! 🤘🤘🤘

Majesty’s Thoughts On The Show

One Night With Freddie

🎭Bacon Theatre🎭

Last Night Majesty performed their One Night With Freddie set at Bacon Theatre. But they also got to try out the technical setup too... what about this for a setup!

We're so excited to bring this to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Peter Southern

A big thank you to all at the Bacon Theatre in Cheltenham for a great night. We had a few technical problems, but the lovely people made it all worthwhile. Also a great night's work by the sound and light crew. Next stop Crawley.



Next up, on Saturday 3rd August, "Queen Tribute Band - Majesty" performed their fantastic show at The Hawth, Crawley.

Set in a 38 acre wooded site, The Hawth offers one of the liveliest and most diverse programmes of arts and performance in the south-east. The Hawth plays host to artists, musicians, dancers and performers from around the world, from household names and West End shows to artists presenting new performance, theatre, music, dance, comedy and film.

Prior to their performance, the following was posted on the Facebook page:


Tonight we will be hitting the stage at The Hawth.

Hope to see you there.

Are you going to be there? #Comment if you are and tell us what songs you would like to hear us play.

Requests Received

Gail Paul

I'm not going to be there 😭 but you know what I'm going to say.......

Have a good one guys!!x

Georgina Hughes

Awesome show guys. Please play we will rock you for Jack.

Queen Tribute Band - Majesty

Coming your way just for Jack!! 🤘🤘🤘

Robert Shepard

Any chance of It’s a Kind of Magic for Dawn Bobby Emma and Derek?

Queen Tribute Band - Majesty

You got it!! 🤘🤘🤘

Robert Shepard

Nicola Jacob

You are amazing at the hawth Crawley tonight 😎😎🤩🤩🤩

..could you plze wish tilly a happy 16th birthday love mum molly and nicky ..I want to break free plze xx

Queen Tribute Band - Majesty

Nicola Jacob happy birthday Tilly!! 🎂🎂🎂 great choice! X

Nicola Jacob

😎😎🤩🤩🤩 xxxxx

Amanda Butler

Here with my hubby Steven for his birthday treat.

His favourite song is We will rock you please 👍 x

Queen Tribute Band - Majesty

Amanda Butler hell yeah 🤘🤘🤘🤘

Charlie Bear Davies

# who what’s to live forever

# princes of the universe

Great show Guys well done

Queen Tribute Band - Majesty

Thanks Charlie! Great songs x

Rebecca Thompson

Amazing show so far xx

Queen Tribute Band - Majesty

Thanks Rebecca you guys are rocking tonight! ❤️❤️🤘🤘

Sue Merrifield

#we are here #love of my life. Please. X

Queen Tribute Band - Majesty

Great choice! Lovely song ❤️❤️

Sue Merrifield

Please play it as it means a lot.xx

Sue Merrifield

Fantastic first half. X

Sue Merrifield

Majesty thank you for a memorable magical experience. Xx

Gillian Slater

Made in heaven please

Queen Tribute Band - Majesty

Now we’re talking! ❤️❤️❤️

Gillian Slater


Anything from that album please

It’s the most beautiful album ever made x

Iain Bamberough

Crazy little thing called love please

Queen Tribute Band - Majesty

No problem! 🤘🤘

Iain Bamberough

Majesty thank you. 😊 Great show all the best in Edinburgh

Neil Jupp

Any chance of playing '39 for my brother Gavin Jupp as he has just turned 38 a few days ago

Jemma Calder

Please can you sing ‘love of my life’ for my mum Lyn - we are here celebrating her birthday, thank you

Morgan Lloyd

😍 loving the show so far!!! 😍

Big list :

I want to break free

We are the champions

Love of my life

We will rock you

Seven seas of rhye

Radio gaga

Who wants to live forever

Derek Sarah North

Bohemian rhapsody for my grandson zac here for his birthday treat

Tracy Pascucci-Griffin

My girls are loving your show! Please play The show must go on for Maria who turns 10 next week. Thank you 😊

Philippa J Hunt

I would love to hear seven seas of rye. Great show by the way👍👏👏

Lauren Murray

we will rock you and radio gaga please!!

Jemma Calder

I’d love it if you sung friends will be friends x

Steven Butler

You guys were great will see you again soon

Marie Hughes

This band are awesome!!

Joel Cowley

UKQUEENTRIBUTE MORE BRIGHTON ROCK!!! Or Under Pressure Or Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy or Love of my Life (your pick, absolutely loving it!!!) Queen Tribute Band - Majesty

Wendy Huish

My mum Cathy and daughter Hannah please give them a shout out my mum is a mega Queen fan xxxx

Hannah Huish

We’re right in the front 😂❤️

Hels Glover

Radio Gaga please 🙏 in the Hawth now 😊

Jennie Leahy

Play what you like, we are having the best night

Nicole Clements

Love of my life

No one but you/only the good die young

Dean May

Who wants to live forever..... Please

Hannah Huish

Radio gaga

We will rock u


Gillian Slater

Let me live

Colin Adams

Flash Ahhh Ahhh

Dawn Done Differently

I want to break free 😏

Gillian Slater

Spread your wings

Molly Elizabeth


Crazy Little thing called love xxx

Victoria Murray

Under pressure 😃(please)

Stuart Fullbrook

Please play- princes of the universe - We are here - fat bottomed girls

Steven Paul Wilson‎

Can you play “Love of my Life” for Yasmin

Queen Tribute Band - Majesty

Great choice! ❤️❤️

Jo Calderon‎

We will rock you... please xxxx Absolutely fantastic night so far 🥰😘🥰

Samantha Bond Baldery‎

Can we hear 'We are the champions' please?

John Powell‎

Innuendo for my lovely wife tracey xx

Nimisha Nayee‎

Can you please play Love of my life. I sang this song to my mother before she lost her long fight. The version was the one in Rio as she loved that version than the original. It would mean the world to me.

Fran Whiting‎

Killer queen!!

Bohemian Rhapsody~ requested by the #3muskateers ❤️

Charlotte Lloyd Owen

I’m here with my ten year old son Wilf who loves Queen and is wearing a Freddie T-shirt! He and his friend Lukas would like to hear We are the Champions! Thank you

Carolyn Holmes‎

We are watching you right now at The Hawth in Crawley and you’re magnificent!!! Actually more Freddie than Freddie. What a show!! Please can you play It’s A Kind Of Magic? X

Ethan Punter

Radio Gaga!

Jeanette Randall‎

Please can you sing love of my life for the whole of my family ❤️ xx

Ruthie Lou‎

Live at the “Hawth”

Monty age 8 his first taste of a live music concert!

Request song form Monty

“Radio Gaga”

“We will Rock you

Can we just say blood hell you guys are bloody brilliant, a huge thank you 🙏

Pete Griffiths‎

My request is Hammer to fall

Stacey Burt

Song request please....Radio Ga Ga, It's a kind of magic &

I want to break free! 🤩 #sistersbroughtuponQueen

Kelly Cork

"Somebody to Love" again!!!!!!

Stuart Hannah‎

It’s a hard life please for Jessica

‎Tracey Powell

Can you sing my favourite Queen song " Who wants to live forever? " Thank you.

Tracey x

Daisy Morgan‎

Please sing Love of my life for my daughter Amber-Rose tonight please x

Keith Williams

Great show guys I wanna break free if you can

Delphine Dearlove‎

It's a kind of magic please

Reviews from Audience Members

Jo Calderon

You were utterly brilliant and further tour dates in this area are a must - enjoy The Fringe... will definitely see you again!! 💖

All photos and video kindly used with permission from Jo Calderon

Morgan Lloyd

Amazing show tonight. Please don’t wait too long to come back I’d love to see it again

Stuart Hannah

Absolutely brilliant!! You have made my daughters early birthday present so special

Barbara Brown

You were absolutely amazing tonight at the Hawth, Freddie would’ve been thrilled.

You made me laugh, you made me cry, you made me feel like I could fly . Thank you so much xx

Carolyn Rose

First time for us at your show tonight, wont be the last.Best tribute we have seen.Any chance of a bit of ogre battle.Thanks a fantastic night out.

Colette Cannon

Fantastic show! Will definitely try and see you guys again. Piano playing was awesome!

Trudi Jane Hall

Thank you for a brilliant evening! Great talent! 😍x

Delphine Dearlove

Fabulous entertaining show. Thank you guy's x

Claire Barber

You were amazing xx

Loraine Heuvelman

Great show tonight, you rocked!

Claire Barber

Amazing xx

Pete Howes

Absolutely brilliant tonight

Breanna Schrader


‎Annie Hollands

Excellent act.

Georgina Hughes

Brilliant show. Having a whale of a time, singing along and bopping in our seats!

Victoria Murray‎

Fantastic 👍🏽🤩

Georgina Hannah

They were so good. Enjoyed every minute of it x

Sheryn Naden

Well fantastic tribute band sounds just like Freddy good luck on your tour great night at the Hawth Crawley x

‎Lee Collingbourne‎

Absolutely awesome and the guy who was Freddie his voice was superb

Becky Finch

Absolutely loved the show tonight!

Such feel good music and an awesome show!

Photos kindly used with permission from Becky Finch

Lisa Evans


Michael J Nelson‎

Saw you in Crawley last night AWESOME

Barbara Brown

They certainly were, hope they come back to Crawley very soon.

Michael J Nelson‎

I've seen the real macoy queen twice at NEC Birmingham and the last ever performance at Knebworth - it's a helava job tributing Queen and I've seen two now including Majesty last night at Crawley - They were excellent - really strong vocals, piano, lead guitar nailed it as did drummer and bassist - please can I offer just a few critical comments based on I've been a Queen fan for 45 years - better wigs - singer could have a more cropped and dyed hair freddie style - plus, I thought he over-did the trying to talk like Freddie and just at times it was comical for the wrong reasons - less is more, Freddie didn't actually talk that much on stage - and the Holy Grail - you can't finish with 'Days of our lives' if you know anything about Freddie - way too emotive and the atmosfere dropped as people left - I'm not saying don't perform it, but never at the end - people want to leave on a high - I wouldn't have taken all this time if I didn't think you guys rocked - you have an incredibly powerful show...

Vanessa Field

I saw the Queen tribute group at the Hawth in Crawley last night,The energy was brilliant, it was a good night out,for a tribute group it was like being at a Queen concert well-done guys.

‎Sue Merrifield‎

Thank you for a fantastic evening, thoroughly enjoyed.

Can't wait to see you all again.


Fran Whiting

Awesome! Me and my 14-year-old are singing along. Great songs and a great tribute 😍

Jennie Leahy

you have got the entire Hawth theatre in your world in the first 3 minutes. absolutely loving the show.

Michael Taylor

Fantastic band best I have seen in all my years totally fantastic

Sophie Rego

Just seen Queen at The Hawth - what a great show, we had a great night! Fabulous. 🌟

Sheryn Naden

Brilliant voice fantastic tribute act

Claire Barber

Amazing show really enjoyed it.. the only thing I'd say is not to end on ..these are the days it made me sad end on a high uplifting song ..other than that you were great x

Photos kindly used with permission from Claire Barber

Michael J Nelson

Great tribute, high energy, brilliant vocals and piano - and the lead guitar nailed it perfectly - great evening…

Jackie Bitmead‎

Great show last night......!

Absolutely loved it....come back soon x

Derek Sarah North‎

Took my nearly 10 year old grandson to see you at The Hawth last night for a pre birthday treat. He loves Queen (recently winning a school camp talent show singing b.rhapsody) and had the BEST time last night thankyou 👌😊

Photos kindly used with permission from Derek Sarah North

Barbara Brown‎

Absolutely everything , Seth is beyond amazing as Freddie. He sings and speaks like him , and had his mannerisms too . The rest of the band are equally amazing . The whole of The Hawth in Crawley , fell under their spell last night . I cannot wait to see them again xx

Queen Tribute Band - Majesty

You were amazing Barbara and such an honour. Hope to see you again soon! ❤️❤️

Barbara Brown

Thank you so much , that really means a lot to me .You will definitely see me again soon ❤️❤️ x

Majesty’s Thoughts On The Show

Peter Southern

Epic show at the Hawth in Crawley. Thank you beautiful people! Once again great work by the sound and light/video guys! Blackpool tomorrow if the weather holds out!



The final show of the weekend was on Sunday, 4th August at The Stanley Park in Blackpool.

The 390-acre Stanley Park is Grade II* listed and is the principal park of Blackpool. It contains everything that any visitor could possibly wish for. Experience a variety of scenic walks around ornamental gardens, natural woodlands and lakes as well as a number of stunning architectural and landscape features such as the Cocker Memorial Clock Tower, Art Deco Cafe, Italian Gardens, Rose Gardens, Bandstand and Auditorium. The park also boasts a superb sporting and recreational facilities including Blackpool Model Village, Stanley Park Golf Course, Blackpool Sports Centre, Blackpool Cricket Ground and Athletic Arena, as well as boat hire and numerous outdoor pitches, greens and courts.

Prior to their performance, the following was posted on the Facebook page:


Today we will be hitting the stage at Friends of Stanley Park - Blackpool

Hope to see you there.

Are you going to be there? #Comment if you are and tell us what songs you would like to hear us play.

The post received the following comments:

Lyn Macdonald

Hope you guys had a fab afternoon and that it didn't rain. Just 27 hours to go until you perform at the fringe😁🙂 xx

Kyrie Gemma Baldwin

I wish I could be there. Have a wonderful time today and I hope the weather stays good for you lots of London love coming your way xx

Barbara Brown

Wish I could be there too, I saw them in Crawley last night , they were amazing. I just want to see them again x

Beverley Sargeant

What time are you on please?

killer queen and bicycle race please x


Debbie Ingham

All Photos kindly used with permission from Debbie Ingham

Maxine May

Just back from seeing you lads..fabulous just awesome👍👌

Natalie Eaves

Watched them today at the bandstand , Brilliant ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Reni Hall

Loved it xxx

Sharon Timmers

You were absolutely brilliant 👌🙌👏

Maxine May‎

Saw them today in stanley park blackpool

Fabulous group

Well worth seeing.

Queen Tribute Band - Majesty

Thanks Maxine. The sun came out in the end! ❤️

Maxine May

it sure did...brilliant session lads,first time I've seen you..awesome 👍

Jane Thornton‎

Fantastic performance today at Stanley Park. We enjoyed it so did our dog !!!! 🐶❤️

Photos kindly used with permission from Jane Thornton

Collette Hall

We watched you perform at Stanley Park today, absolutely amazing. We thoroughly enjoyed the show. Thank you. 💜💜

Linda Paterson Hoey‎

Awesome set today in Blackpool.

Photo kindly used with permission from Linda Paterson Hoey

Elizabeth Gomm

An awesome afternoon of Queen classics with a first appearance at the Bandstand in Stanley Park for Majesty.

The Blackpool band, spends most of it time outside the resort touring the UK and Europe, so it was a real coup to get to see them play on home turf.

Thanks to Seth Daniels as Freddie Mercury,Peter Southern as Brian May, Chris Holland as John Deacon, James Campion as Roger Taylor, for a phenomenal gig and for bigging up the work done by the Friends of Stanley Park for staging the Sunday music sessions.

Thanks also to show openers The Heat, Chloe and Caroline.

All photos originally published by Elizabeth Gomm on the Friends of Stanley Park Facebook page.

Majesty’s Thoughts On The Show

Peter Southern

Big thanks to everyone who turned up for the show at Stanley Park today. Yes,it did rain briefly early on, but it didn't spoil the fun. Thanks to Chloe and Caroline and The Heat for playing with us and The Friends of Stanley Park for organising free live music in the park throughout the summer. Off to Edinburgh in the morning! WWRY!

James Campion

It’s been a hectic few days, but just want to give a massive thanks to all the volunteers and everyone who turned out to the park on Sunday and made it a great one! Especially those who stuck it out in the weather! We had really hoped to bring you the full production as we headed on our way up to the Edinburgh Fringe, but unfortunately the weather didn’t allow for this. But we did everything we could to make sure this event still went ahead. Huge thanks also goes out to Chloe Rose & Caroline for opening things up and sticking it out in the rain and The Heat for bringing the heat! 🔥🤟 check out the superb photos from Elizabeth Gomm and more from the day on the Friends of Stanley Park - Blackpool page.


To keep updated on what “Queen Tribute Band - Majesty” are up to visit their FaceBook or Twitter pages.

For the latest updates about the “One Night With Freddie” shows, visit their Facebook or Twitter pages.

Tickets are available from their website

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1 Comment

Marilyn Macdonald
Marilyn Macdonald
Aug 06, 2019

Fantastic blog Dale along with amazing pictures and videos. I love the vid of the baby at the Crawley performance. x

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