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Majesty's Performances At Regal Tenbury Wells and Marlow Rock Bottom

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

On the 21st and 22nd of June 2019 “Queen Tribute Band Majesty” performed their fantastic show at the Regal Tenbury Wells and Marlow Rock Bottom.

The Regal Tenbury Wells is a Cinema, Arts and Theatre. The Regal Cinema in Tenbury Wells opened in 1937. Since then it has provided cinema entertainment for the town and the surrounding area, under commercial and volunteer-run groups. Today, the Regal operates as a multi-use arts venue run by the Regal Tenbury Trust.

Marlow Rock Bottom is an open-air music event for all the family.

Marlow Rock Bottom is a fantastic open air event. Since September 2014, it has been featuring local live acts, kids' entertainment, licensed bar. An event that you can bring the family, friends, picnics and enjoy great day of music

Majesty At Tenbury Wells

On Majesty’s Facebook page, they posted the following……….


Good to be back on the road after a week off to recuperate. Tonight’s show is at the fabulous Regal Tenbury Wells Theatre.

#COMMENT with your requests and as usual we’ll try and squeeze some in to our already jam packed set!!!

These are the comments that Majesty received to the post

Kyrie Gemma Baldwin

“Have a fabulous and rocktastic night gents you will be adored and admired as always wish I could be there missing you loads. Lots of London love coming your way ❤ xx”

Lyn Macdonald

“Have a great show guys. The audience are going to love you x”

Fliss Tong

“Please play love of my life

Majesty to Fliss


Jamie Felton

“Radio Ga Ga please!”

Majesty to Jamie

“Jamie Felton you got it!”

Community Section

On the community section on Majesty’s FaceBook page, members of the audience asked for these songs……..

Philip Walker‎

“Hi any chance you can play Love of my Life, for my wife and I who are celebrating 10 years of marriage next week! Thanks Phil”

Simon Atkinson‎

“Don’t stop me now please as they didn’t play it at knebworth”

Gill Bonell‎

“Crazy little thing called love with props of course.

Superb night at The Regal, Tenbury Wells"

‎Nathan Garbett‎

“Another suggestion. Crazy little thing called love 😅”

Nathan Garbett‎

“Currently in your concert. Would love if you played somebody to love 😅”

Victoria Pink‎

“What a show at the Regal Tenbury Wells tonight! Absolutely outstanding❤️”

Sheila Whitlock‎

“Excellent show boys — at Regal Tenbury Wells”

Peter Southern To Sheila

“Thanks Sheila,we had a great time. Love playing such great songs;”

Thank you Sheila Whitlock for your photo. Thank you for allowing me to use this.

‎Gill Bonell‎

“Totally amazing, you certainly rocked the regal, Tenbury Wells. Superb band faultless”

Peter Southern To Gill

“Hi Gill, thank you so much for your kind comments.”

Thank you Gill Bonell for your photo. Thank you for allowing me to use this.

After The Show

After the show Majesty posted this on their FaceBook page......

#TenburyWells you ROCKED!!!!!

Thank you to the amazing audience at tonight’s show in the Regal Tenbury Wells theatre.

Hope you had a great time, you certainly looked like it!

Here’s a little video #Freddie took on the night.

Majesty At Marlow

On Majesty’s Facebook page, they posted the following……….


We’re backstage and ready to rock. 2500 people out in the glorious sunshine at the Marlow Rock Bottom Festival.

Can’t wait to hit the stage! #TAG your friends if they’re with you today!!

Here’s a photo of said festival - Chris seems to have multiplied!

After the show Majesty posted this on their FaceBook page......


A spectacular audience last night at Marlow Rock Bottom festival. What an amazing way to spend a Saturday!

Big shout out to the wonderful organisers, those guys have worked incredibly hard and it paid off with the biggest turn out yet.

We love you #MARLOW!!!

One Night With Freddie

On the Facebook page for One Night With Freddie the following was posted......


"This guy is unreal! Powerful voice and amazing showman. Seth Daniels tributes Freddie in a way I've never seen before."

And here he is doing another commanding performance at Marlow Rock Bottom festival this weekend.

Photos From Marlow Rock Bottom

Here are a few photos that were taken from MyMarlow Website

Thank you to Paul Merchant for saying that I can use the photos.

Paul went on to say that Majesty "Were a great act"

To keep updated on what “Queen Tribute Band Majesty” are up to visit their FaceBook Twitter and One Night With Freddie pages.

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3 commenti

Lyn Macdonald
Lyn Macdonald
29 giu 2019

Thank you Mum and Dale xx

Mi piace

Well done Lyn, another fantastic blog, can see you put a lot of time into it. Brill pics too. xx

Mi piace

Dale Tatnell
Dale Tatnell
29 giu 2019

Another great blog Lyn! Looks like another couple of great shows by the guys x

Mi piace
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