Majesty Rocked Lowestoft, TWICE!

On Sunday 17 March, “Majesty Queen Tribute Band” performed their fantastic show at the Warners Resort - Gunton Hall Coastal Village. Their second performance in Lowestoft was on Friday 24 May at Warners Resort - Corton Coastal Village

Warner Leisure Hotels specialises in UK activity breaks just for grown-ups.

Both resorts are located at a relaxing seaside destination, just 2.5 miles away from Lowestoft town centre.

GUNTON HALL - 17 March 2019

Majesty Queen Tribute Band’s first performance in Lowestoft was at Gunton Hall Coastal Resort.

Gunton Hall is set within the Suffolk woodland giving the resort a rural feel, with gardens, a picturesque lake and a pitch and putt course.

Lyn and I live in Great Yarmouth, which is just a ten minute drive from Gunton Hall, so this presented us with a perfect opportunity to see “Majesty Queen Tribute Band” perform.

Neither of us have ever been to a Warners Resort before, therefore we enquired first to see if we would be able to see the entertainment that they provide in their package deals. Thankfully they do, so we also decided to book a table at their restaurant, offering a three course meal for just £22.50 each.

After we had our meal, we headed to the bar within the main entertainment area and met up with a couple of friends (Julie and Pete) who decided to stay at Gunton Hall for the 70’s weekend to celebrate Julie’s birthday. This would be their first time seeing “Majesty Queen Tribute Band”.

The evening’s entertainment was kicked off by a DJ playing songs from the 70’s, with the TV monitors showing the music video of what was currently being played. After about an hour, it was Majesty’s turn to entertain the audience, with their first 45 minute set, kicking the show off with “One Vision”. Within this set, Majesty dedicated “Fat Bottomed Girls” to Lyn, her favourite Queen song!

For the interval, It was back to the DJ for some more 70’s hits to entertain us, also giving us plenty of time to top up our drinks etc. After about 15 minutes, it was time for Majesty’s second set, which included a section where Seth (Freddie) took the opportunity to check their Facebook page for any requests. Once these were completed, the show concluded with “We Are The Champions”

Requests Received

On Majesty’s Facebook Page, the following comments were received for audience song requests:

‎Banger Barnes‎ to Queen Tribute Band - Majesty

“Brighton rock ..... Warners gunton hall”

Queen Tribute Band - Majesty

“Now that’s a challenge!! X”

‎Lyn Macdonald‎ to Queen Tribute Band - Majesty

“We are having a fab night. Please can you say Happy birthday to Julie, she's sat near the bar with me, Dale and her husband Pete. Any song to her will be lovely, thanks guys x”

Queen Tribute Band - Majesty

“Of course dear xx”

Lyn Macdonald

“Thank you😘”

Audience Feedback

On Majesty’s Facebook Page, the following feedback comments were received:

Clare Hardy‎ to Queen Tribute Band - Majesty

“Awesome evening at Gunton Hall tonight! Made the weekend 👍”

Queen Tribute Band - Majesty

“Thank you dear. The best is yet to come! X”

Georgie Gray to Queen Tribute Band - Majesty

Lyn Macdonald

“My fav song. And I was the lady they dedicated it to x”

Georgie Gray to Queen Tribute Band - Majesty

‎Stefan Hardy‎ to Queen Tribute Band - Majesty

“We are watching your show at Gunton hall

Love it 👍”

Picture of Majesty - Queen Tribute Band
Picture taken by Stefan Hardy - Thank you for allowing us to use your picture

‎Dale Tatnell‎ to Queen Tribute Band - Majesty

“Having a great time at Gunton Hall. Enjoyed the first half, looking forward to more.”

Banger Barnes‎ to Queen Tribute Band - Majesty

“Brilliant night @ gunton hall..... best queen tribute I’ve seen ..... very well done 👍

Should have been main act Saturday night , not Sunday”

Barbara McIntyre‎ to Queen Tribute Band - Majesty

“Great band,very like Queen.Loved seeing you.”

Lyn Macdonald‎ to Queen Tribute Band - Majesty

“Thank you Guys for a fantastic night. Was nice seeing you all. Nice spending time with your after, hope you all enjoyed your drink that we got for you. See you in Ipswich x”

Barbara McIntyre recommends Queen Tribute Band - Majesty.

“Fantastic tribute band,so like the original band”

Banger Barnes recommends Queen Tribute Band - Majesty.

“Just seen them at Warners gunton hall....


Definitely recommend..”

Majesty’s Thoughts On The Show

Seth Daniels

"I always love performing at Warner Hotels; you never know who's going to be watching as there are many reasons people come and stay at these wonderful hotels. So we get a chance to sometimes win over a whole generation of people who may have never really listened to Queen all that much, but whether you're 19 or 90, Queen's music has the power to move people and that's what I love most about it.

The audience at tonight’s show were very attentive. We treat these very much like a theatre show because often people want to sit and watch - probably to see how long I can sustain running up and down until I collapse of exhaustion - (I never do however ha ha).

But by the end they had their hands in the air singing along to the hits and that's all we can hope for. As always I'm overwhelmed by the wonderful feedback from the staff and the audience. Love you all. x"

CORTON - 24 May 2019

Majesty Queen Tribute Band’s second performance in Lowestoft was at Corton Coastal Village.

Corton Coastal Village overlooks the coast line and offers the traditional seafront comfort of deckchairs in the gardens alongside activities such as archery, crazy golf, and a games lawn.

Unfortunately, as the performance was on the Friday evening of the 80’s weekend, Lyn was away, so could not attend. However, her mum Marilyn (who had to miss out on the Gunton Hall and Ipswich shows due to ill health) and I arranged to attend