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"Majesty Queen Tribute" Performed At Lanark Memorial Hall(15.3.19)

Photo belongs to

Lanark Memorial Hall Facebook. Thank you for allowing me to use your photo.

Performing At Lanark Memorial Hall.

On Friday 15th March 2019, "Majesty Queen Tribute" performed their fantastic show at Lanark Memorial Hall(Lanark Memorial Hall Facebook)

Facebook(Seth Daniels)

Seth Daniels who plays Freddie, posted this on his Facebook Group Page.......

"Very excited to be back on stage and voice is feeling stronger than ever after a little rest. Thanks to all that sent messages to get well, love you all!! Xx"

This is what people posted back to

Seth Daniels........

Gail Paul "Sorry to hear you've not been well....glad you are better!!.....have a great show...x"

Elisabeth Ellis "Ahhh that’s great! Glad you’re better and hope you have a terrific show tonight xx"

Lyn Macdonald

"Glad your voice is better. Have a good night. Dale are I are looking forward to Sunday x"

Kyrie Gemma Baldwin "So wonderful to hear your back fighting fit Seth hope you have a fantastic show and enjoy being back on stage love you too xxx"

Brian Cooke "Glad I seen you perform in Glasgow before your voice went. Excellent show again."

Amanda Jayne "Glad to have you back Seth xx"

Majesty Facebook Page.

On "Majesty Queen Tribute" Facebook page, Majesty posted this........

READY FREDDIE!!! "It’s nearly showtime at the wonderful Lanark Memorial Hall. Excited to have our #Freddie Seth Daniels back with us after being ill last week.

COMMENT with your favourite Queen Songs, and we’ll see if we can sing a few for you!"

This is what people commented back to "Majesty Queen Tribute"

Lyn Macdonald "Have a fantastic night guys. Dale and I are looking forward to seeing you all and your show on Sunday x"

Colin Hamilton "Hammer to fall for Ian cheers 🤞👍"

Ashley Simpson

"Fat bottom girls on the second half!! Got it tattood on my ass 🙌"

"Majesty Queen Tribute commented to Ashley...... "love it!!! 🤘🤘"

Ashley commented to "Majesty Queen Tribute"...... "posted it then you done it. Where did you get the best top. Need it 👌"

In a comment to me, Ashley said.......

"had a fantastic evening xx"

I commented back, "So glad you had a fantastic night. My Fiance and I are seeing them Sunday x"

Audrey Santiago

What a show!! Here to celebrate my daughter turning 11 tomorrow !! Jess and her friend Marley would love to hear “I want to break free” thanks!!

Photo belongs to Audrey. Thank you Audrey for allowing me to use your photo.

Janet Brownlee

"Loving all your songs...go Freddie ♥️♥️"

Margaret Aytoun

"Great show at Lanark Memorial Hall tonight ! Haste ye back 😘"

William McCandless

"Superb show in lanark tonight lads... thank u so much for the picture with my boy Harvey he was over the moon & is still buzzing, his first concert & he absolutely loved it. You guys are top class, we will definitely come see you again . God bless"

Photo belongs to William McCandless. Thank you William for allowing me to use your photo.

In a comment to me, William said "was a brilliant night, band are superb 👍"

Anne Weir

"Fantastic night x thanks mr for taking the photos !! Plus the 50 of urself x 😂😂😂❤️"

In a comment to me, Anne said "We had a fantastic night performance was amazing!!!

Anne also said "We are actually planning to go again possibly Glasgow 💕"

I commented back to Anne, "That's Brilliant to hear. My Fiance and I have been supporting the guys for nearly 2 years. I've seen the show 5 times, seeing it for my 6th time tomorrow🙂"

Anne commented back, "was our first time but won’t b our last 💕"

I commented back, "That is good to hear👍"

Photo belongs to Anne Weir. Thank you Anne for allowing me to use your photo.

Bernadette Davies

"He he I am famous. Freddy you are the best xx"

Photo belongs to Bernadette Davies. Thank you Bernardette for allowing me to use your photo.

In Touch With Lanark Memorial Hall.

I got in touch with Lanark Memorial Hall through their Facebook Page Lanark Memorial Hall Facebook, telling them that I blog for "Majesty Queen Tribute". They kindly messaged me back and said they had lots of great comments about the show and how good musicians the guys are.

They also sent me these photos.....

Photos belong to Lanark Memorial Hall.

Thank you for allowing me to use these photos.

Peter Southern(Brian May).

Peter Southern(Brian May) posted this on Facebook.......

"Fantastic venue for tonight's show. Lanark Memorial Hall. WWRY!"

Photo belongs to Peter Southern. Thank you Peter for allowing me to use your photo.

On Peter's post, this is what people commented to him..............

Greg Cromack

"have a great gig mate :)"

Jean Byrne

"🎸Have a super night Pete 🎶😃"

Lyn Macdonald

"Have a fantastic night🎸"

Andy Grayson

"Rock ‘em mate 🎸🤘"

If you want to keep up to date with what "Majesty Queen Tribute" are up to, please visit their FaceBook and their

Twitter page.

On Tour.

Today 16th March 2019, "Majesty Queen Tribute" are performing at Nidd Hall . On 17th March 2019 they are performing at

Gunton Hall, which my Fiance Dale and I are attending, we are looking forward to it. My Mum was meant to be coming with us along with my Uncle but unfortunately not coming as mum isn't good at all. She is keeping everything crossed that she will be feeling better on the 5th of next month when we see "Majesty Queen Tribute" in Ipswich. I will be posting a blog about our night at Gunton Hall.

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Lyn Macdonald
Lyn Macdonald
Mar 16, 2019

Thank you. Glad you enjoyed reading it. I enjoyed putting it together 😚


Marilyn Macdonald
Marilyn Macdonald
Mar 16, 2019

Briliant blog Lyn, really enjoyed reading it. xx

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