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Majesty At Burgess Hall, St Ives.

On Friday 7th February 2020, Queen Tribute Band-Majesty, performed their fantastic show at Burgess Hall in St Ives, Cambridgeshire.

Fan, Steve Purvis and his friends, meeting Seth Daniels(Freddie) and Peter Southern(Brian) after the show. Photo: Steve Purvis.

About Burgess Hall

Burgess Hall is located just 20 minutes from Cambridge. It is the largest Events and Conference Centre in the district, hosting a wide range of exciting events, such as Comedy, Theatre, Dance, Live music and Family entertainment.

Burgess Hall has some excellent facilities for private hire to host: Weddings, Conferences,Exhibitions, Parties or any other events.

There is a fully licensed bar. The venue is ideal for guests from 20 to 600. To find out more about the venue, visit their Website and Facebook Page.

Fans Of The Show

Steve Purvis meeting Seth Daniels(Freddie) after the show. Photo: Steve Purvis.

Steve was bought tickets to see the show for his Birthday. He was there with Friends. Steve said that "Majesty were fantastic and he will definitely try and see them again." Here are some photos that Steve managed to get.

Phots: Steve Purvis

On Majesty's FaceBook page, Steve wrote: "You guys were absolutely fantastic tonight. Thank you so much for the best evening and I’ll definitely be following 👍"
Carol Clancy wrote: "Please could you sing happy birthday to Steve who is ur fan sat at the front as the tickets were bought for his birthday many thanks his fabulous friends, P.s Fab show"
Hannah Hancock wrote: "We would love to hear One Vision It’s a kind of magic Don’t stop me now Too much love will kill you
We think you’re great!!!! And we’ve just met you outside xxx"

Darren Hancock meeting Seth Daniels and Peter Southern before the show. Photo: Hannah Hancock.

Susie Rolfe wrote: "Friday evening in St.Ives was AMAZING. Such a great gig - the atmos was just full of Queen love ! Marvellous, fun musicians 💗 Huge thanks to lovely Mr. Daniels for his heartwarming message to my dear Mum. She was over the moon with that and is feeling a touch better 💪😍 #queenloveforever xxx"
Amy Moss wrote: "Brilliant night.... the drummer didn't stop smiling."

Amy posted this video of the guys performing "Fat Bottomed Girls."


My Review

"I was here with my Fiance Dale and my Mum Marilyn. We all had a fantastic night. Majesty certainly rocked the venue. They performed lots of different Queen songs. So glad they performed my favourite, which is Fat Bottomed Girls. They also played, Don't Stop Me Now, which is another favourite of mine, I requested this song to be played on their FaceBook page. The audience absolutely loved them. People were dancing at their seats and there were even people dancing at the sides. The atmosphere was fantastic. I am very fortunate to say that was my 10th time seeing the show."

This photo of Myself, my Fiance and my Mum with Seth Daniels and Peter Southern

wasn't taken on Friday, it was taken back in 2018. Didn't manage to get a pic with the guys on Friday. Photo: Lyn Macdonald


Video Time

#StIves You ROCKED Last Night!!!!

Big thanks to the amazing audience at the Burgess Hall (Events & Conference Centre) for another wonderful evening of #Queens Greatest hits.

#TAG your friends or #COMMENT if you see yourself!!!

Video of, We Will Rock You, which was posted on Queen Tribute Band Majesty's FaceBook page by the guys themselves.

Video of, We Are The Champions, which was posted on Queen Tribute Band Majesty's FaceBook page by Seth Daniels(Freddie).


Peter's Review

Photo of Peter Southern (Brian May) taken in August 2019 by Lyn Macdonald.

Peter Southern(Brian May) said "Splendid night at Burgess Hall in St Ives. Fabulous crowd and great house team. A pleasure to work with.👍😁🤘"

Getting In Touch With Majesty

Queen Tribute Band - Majesty are all set to take their five-star show across the world, with performances set for theatres and festivals.

Majesty have already performed to audiences in venues across Europe (UK, France, Germany, Greece, Cyprus to name but a few), the Middle East (Bahrain, Dubai), and South America.

Upcoming shows for this year will see this listing continue to grow with Majesty - A Tribute to Queen already set to perform in India and Chile.

To find out what the band are up to, you can find out by clicking on these links……..FaceBook and Twitter.

To find out where they are performing through the rest of the year check out their Tour Dates.

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Unknown member
Feb 16, 2020

Thanks Mum. Glad you enjoyed reading it. It certainly was a brilliant night x


Marilyn Macdonald
Marilyn Macdonald
Feb 16, 2020

Once again, brilliant blog Lyn, enjoyed reading it. It certainly was a brilliant evening. xx

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