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Majesty At Birstall Social Club, Leicester, 14.12.18

On December the 14th 2018, "Majesty Queen Tribute" performed at

Dawn Eato and Samantha York were there that night. Both Ladies left a lovely comment on "Majesty Queen Tribute" Facebook Page. This is what they said:

Dawn Eato

"Saw them last night at birstall leicester brilliant band great guys so friendly".

Samantha York "loved every minute of it in Birstall, it was a great night, great atmosphere and great performers".

Samantha York got to have her photo taken with Seth Daniels(Freddie Mercury) and Peter Southern(Brian May)

Here is the lovely photo.

Photo Belongs to Samantha York. In this photo, Samantha York, Seth Daniels and Peter Southern.

Thank you Dawn Eato and Samantha York for allowing me to use your photo and post for my Blog.

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