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Freddie And His New Friend.

Photo belongs to Steph Kearney. Thank you Steph for this fantastic photo of you and Freddie(Seth Daniels)

On Friday 15th March 2019, Steph Kearney was at Lanark Memorial Hall with his wife to see "Queen Tribute Band" perform their fantastic show.


Steph posted the fantastic pic of him and Seth on "Queen Tribute Band"

FaceBook page.

Great Photo For A Blog

As soon as I saw the pic, it certainly did make me laugh out loud. I thought to myself, this will make a fantastic blog so I commented to Steph and asked him and he said that was no bother at all. I said to Steph in a comment......

On Facebook

"Was this your first time seeing the Guys, who did you go with to see them etc."

Steph said, "Was my first time seeing the band. I went with my wife and we both thought they were brilliant. Will definitely go see them again in the future."

On Messenger To Steph

Also been in touch with Steph through messenger.

I said to Steph, "Thanks for this. Glad to hear that you and your wife thought they were brilliant and you will definitely go and see them again. I absolutely love your pic. Was it your idea or Seth's for him to go on your shoulders? 🙂"

Steph said, "I just went up for a selfie with the band in the background n he jumped on my shoulders. Haha. It was random n took me by surprise but I loved it. The picture turned out great too."

Steph Taking A Selfie

Photo belongs to Steph Kearney. Taking a selfie with "Queen Tribute Band" in the background. Thank you Steph for this photo.

Thank You Steph

Just want to say, Thank you so much Steph for letting me use your photos and for telling me about your night. I really appreciate it.

To keep up to date on what "Queen Tribute Band" are up to, please visit their FaceBook and Twitter page.

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Lyn Macdonald
Mar 19, 2019

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