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Co Writers Credited On Queen's Studio Albums

Updated: Nov 28, 2018

When we think of external co-writers that have been credited on a Queen studio album, one name will immediately jump out; David Bowie with the well known "Under Pressure" as featured on the album "Hot Space"

But, who else have been credited for co-writing with Queen for a studio album?

There are not many..........

Howard Blake on the soundtrack album "Flash Gordan"

Frank Musker & Elizabeth Lamers are credited for co-writing "Too Much Love Will Kill You" on the album "Made in Heaven".

Finally, Mike Moran is credited for co-writing "All God's People" on the album "Innuendo"

Mike actually worked rather closely with Freddie Mercury, co-writing the famous "Barcelona" amongst all the other tracks on Freddie's duo album with Montserrat Caralle.


Watching Mike Perform

On Friday 23rd November 2018, I visited the Marina Theatre in Lowestoft to watch Russel Watson perform. It turns out that Mike acts as Russel's MD and have known Russel for over 19 years. This was a fantastic opportunity for me to watch someone who had worked so closely with Freddie (particularly writing) actually play the piano whilst listening to Russel give an excellent performance.

Russel was also being backed by a local choir, Pakefield Singers.

They were sent the musical arrangement to "Guide Me Home" by Mike to perform. However, there was something missing..... the vocal harmonies!

It was revealed that Freddie never wrote the harmonies down, so a member of the choir arranged their own harmonies by taking inspiration, listening to it via YouTube. It was a fantastic arrangement and was well received.

The following video reminds us of how Freddie and Montserrat performed "Guide Me Home"

As it turns out, a member of the choir is an old school friend; during the 'pomp' part of the show, a photo was taken off Mike performing. Kind permission has been granted for me to share the photo with you.....

Mike Moran performing at Marina Theatre, Lowestoft. Picture taken by Janet Upton (Pakefield Singers)

The following video is an interview with Mike, talking about working with Freddie.

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