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Busy Easter Weekend For Majesty.

During the Easter weekend of 19th to the 21st April "Majesty Queen Tribute Band" performed at The Ark, NewMarket, Norton Grange in Isle Of Wight and Bodelwyydan Castle in North Wales.

Facebook Page

On "Majesty Queen Tribute Band" FaceBook page, this is what they posted...….

We’ve just arrived at the fantastic The Ark Newmarket. Who’s coming??

Get your requests in now and we’ll try and slip them in tonight’s set, and #TAG your mates so they know what they’re missing!!

Request's From Audience Members At The Ark

Lee Ralph
"These are the days of our lives??"

Mandy Manchett‎

"We are loving you in Newmarket ! Please play We are the champions ! Thanks ever so Mandy Gem Shan Sophie Marlow and Rachel xxxxx"

Thank you Mandy for your photo of Seth Daniels and Peter Southern with your Brother Karl Marlow.

In a message to me, Mandy said "We had a fabulous night they are absolutely super. Sophie Marlow (Karl's Daughter) is the biggest fan ever!"

‎Andrew Stone

"Please play our wedding song Crazy Little Thing Called Love... Or if not Hammer To Fall"

‎‎Vanessa Bento
"Amazing show last night at The Ark Newmarket thoroughly enjoyed it when are you returning?

Peter Southern(Brian May) posted this on his Facebook Page........... "Ready for tonight's show in Newmarket."

Request's From Audience Members At Norton Grange

On "Majesty Queen Tribute Band" FaceBook page, this is what people posted...…..

Sara Brown‎ to Majesty

“You’re my best friend !”

Majesty To Sara

"Love it ❤️"

Sharon Challis‎ to Majesty

"Love of my life"

Majesty to Sharon

"Gorgeous song ❤️"

Sharon To Majesty

"Yes love it and thanks for playing it"

Helen Moss To Majesty
"Somebody to love please for Pauline, Jane, Helen and Lydia xxx"

Majesty To Helen

"Hope you liked it guys. Anything else? X"

‎Sara Brown To Majesty

"Watching Majesty in Isle of Wight. Fantastic. I want to break free!!!"

Majesty To Sarah

"Don’t we all dear ❤️❤"

Marilyn Macdonald To Majesty

"Have a great show tonight guys, and rock the people of the Isle of Wight. x"

Louise Hilbourne To Majesty

"Undeniably good!!!"

Request's From Audience Members At Bodelwyyddan Castle

Barry Aspinall

"Dianne would love you to perform Barcelona"

Majesty To Barry

"I’ll have to see if Freddie’s wearing the right underwear for that"

Barry To Majesty

"Dianne was going to volunteer to do Montserrat's part lol"

Majesty To Barry

"we shall definitely make that happen next time. X"

Barry To Majesty

"We live on the Isle of Wight so if you come to Warners Bembridge we will definitely be there. Di's been rehearsing lol. Superb night last night. Thank you so much."

Karen Hamann To Majesty

"We're at Bodelwyddan Castle please play we will rock you and we are the Champions"

Majesty To Karen
"Of course Karen! ❤️"
Phil Ashworth‎ To Majesty

"Seven seas of rye."

Majesty To Phil


Phil To Majesty

"Thank you, really enjoyed your gig did Freddie proud. Well done. Hope to catch you again Ashton under Lyme or Rochdale. Cheers. 🤘🤘"
Jen Barlow To Majesty

"Requests from Jen & Pat Barlow at Bodelwyddan Castle (Table 40)

Show must go on It’s a kind of magic We are the champions ...

Majesty To Jen

"Great selection!!! We’ll see what we can do Jen 🤘🤘

Jen To Majesty

"Thank you 😘"

Leesa Hayden To Majesty

"Don't stop me now"

Majesty To Leesa

"Coming your way dear! 🤘🤘🤘

James Jeffery-Harker To Majesty

"They beat us to it. We second this choice"

Majesty To James

"Brilliant choice"

‎‎Andy Solomons To Majesty

"Great show at Bodel ! How about Millionaire Waltz or Teo Torriatte for something different? Thanks from Andy and Helen"

Majesty To Andy

"Now there’s a challenge! 🤘🤘🤘"

Peter Southern To Andy

"Great song choice! That's a tricky one. I know Queen only performed part of it in a medley.👏"

Thank you Andy Solomons for allowing me to use your photo.

Audience Reviews

Albert Fellows "Saw this tribute band over Easter weekend at Bodelwyddan Castle,they were fantastic,great stage presence and crowd involvement."

Tee Tee Muggleton "Saw them tonight at Bodelwyddan Castle! They were fab, by far the best entertainment of the weekend xxxx" Nicola Rhodes "Saw them tonight at Bodelwyddan Castle! They were fab, by far the best entertainment of the weekend 💕"

Bev Paris "Absolutely Brilliant. Fantastic night. One of the best tribute bands. Amazingly powerful voice from lead singer and fabulous guitarists and drummer. See them at Edinburgh Fringe !" Sara Brown "Everything. Fantastic show. Didn’t want it to end !" Vanessa Benton "Amazing show fantastic music"

Keeping Updated

To keep updated on what “Queen Tribute Band Majesty” are up to visit their FaceBook Twitter and Freddie The Musical page.

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Marilyn Macdonald
Marilyn Macdonald
30 квіт. 2019 р.

Well what can I say, another fantastic blog from Lyn... Keep it up Lyn you are doing brilliantly, I am so proud of you. xxx


Lyn Macdonald
Lyn Macdonald
28 квіт. 2019 р.

Thanks Kyrie. I love reading all the comments and feedback from people and then being able to put it all in a blog xx


28 квіт. 2019 р.

Fantastic blog as always Lyn I really enjoyed reading this its amazing to see the amount and love and support for these 4 fabulous gents x

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