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Audience Feedback. Epsom Playhouse Theatre 1.3.19.

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

"Majesty Queen Tribute" Performing at Epsom Playhouse Theatre on 1.3.19. Photos belong to Amanda Jayne. Thank you Amanda for the photos.

Epsom Playhouse Theatre.

The other night (Friday 1st March 2019) "Majesty Queen Tribute" were performing their fantastic show at Epsom Playhouse Theatre.

"Majesty Queen Tribute" Facebook Page.

On "Majesty Queen Tribute" FaceBook page, "Majesty Queen Tribute" posted this on their page........

Who’s ready to Rock!! All set up for our second visit to the Epsom Playhouse. Another SOLD OUT show tonight. The big question - What do you want to hear tonight?!? Leave a COMMENT with your request and we may slip it in.

This is what people commented back.....

July Crisford "Having an absolutely fantastic time!! We are the Champions 🎸please"

"Majesty Queen Tribute" commented to July........ July how could we not xx

Stefanie Burlison "We will rock you! 🎶"

"Majesty Queen Tribute" commented to Stefanie..... Stefanie A Classic!

Lorraine Waggott "Please can you play “it’s a hard life” fab night so far 👍🏼"

Sarah Hughes "Seth! Play us Tie your mother down! Please!! 😘"

Alison Hampton-Pinches "Fantastic night!! So much fun!"

Heather Yvonne Gardner "Good night. Thank you 👑"

Mary Samson

"Really good show - great to hear the rock n roll sets and Leroy Brown!! Thanks and hope to see you again x"

Mary Samson "Actually play part of Hammersmith odeon set plus the rock n roll songs on the magic tour. Great to hear different songs

"Majesty Queen Tribute" commented to Mary.......... "You’re the first person to point that out Mary! Glad you liked it! X"

Heather McDonagh "Really enjoyed the show tonight. Well done guys, a fab night x"

Becci Louise Jayne "You guys was amazing! Will have to keep a look out for when you next perform !"

Amanda Jayne "Thank you Freddie and brian fantastic night..lovely to meet you see you soon hopefully my darlings xxx"

Amanda Jayne

"definitely this group rock👑 Freddie sang my request I asked for said my name out to the audience made my night also meeting them after the show too and getting my photo with them..i regularly chat to the guys on fb too ..fab guys they do queen proud!!"

Photos belong to Amanda Jayne. These photos are fab. Thank you for these Amanda.

Melanie Moore

"went to Epsom Playhouse theatre tonight and they were FANTASTIC, thank you Majesty for such a great evening xx 🎉👑"

Angela Parker "Fabulous night @ Epsom Playhouse can’t wait for you to come back again! 😀😀😀🎶🎶🎶👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼"

Amanda Jayne "Thank you darlings for singing my request xxxx"

Ian Parker "Brilliant show last night at Epsom playhouse, loved every minute of the show from start to finish.. we definitely see them again when they next come to town..A MUST SEE SHOW.."

Marie Swann "Such a lovely night thank you for fantastic night good luck with the rest of the tour and looking forward to a other great show at the Epsom Playhouse"

Sharan Wetland

"You guys got Epsom rocking 🤘😂 had an amazing eve, thank you, definitely go again 🎼🎸🥁🎸🎼🕺🏼"

I really do enjoy reading people's comments on what they thought of seeing "Majesty Queen Tribute" perform. This comment did make me smile when I first saw it and I will admit that I did laugh out loud, as in my opinion I don't think that Seth Daniels(Freddie Mercury) looks anything like Danny Dryer.

Jen Gower

"The drummer looks like Vin Diesel and Freddy looks a bit like Danny Dyer! But absolutely amazing performance by them all 😊"

Seth's Facebook Group Page.

Seth Daniels(Freddie Mercury) Posted this on his own Facebook Group Page...

Second visit to this wonderful theatre in #Epsom.‬ ‪Performing as #FreddieMercury in tonight’s Queen Tribute Band - Majesty concert at the beautiful Epsom Playhouse.‬

Here is what people commented back....

Kyrie Gemma Baldwin "Have a fantastic night Seth I know the crowd will love you and Majesty. I'm counting down the weeks till I see you xx"

Lyn Macdonald "Have a good night Seth. We will see you in a few weeks time. Lyn&Dale x"

Marilyn Macdonald "Bet Epsom was rocking tonight. Looking forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks time at Gunton Hall. x"

Jean Byrne "Sorry I couldn't get to see you at Epsom Seth, but have a great time. I am sure you will get the audience rocking. X"

Alison May

"Damn it we missed you"

Ann Piddington "I came with friends tonight to see you at Epsom. You were absolutely amazing. So much so you brought tears to my eyes, but in a good way 👍. Looking forward to seeing you next time your over this way 😃👍 x"

Photo belongs to Ann Piddington. Fab photo Ann. Thank you for allowing me to use this.

Amanda Jayne Seeing "Majesty Queen Tribute" for her first time.

One of the lucky people that were at this performance, Amanda Jayne, I have been speaking to through messenger for a couple of weeks now. She is a huge fan of Queen and now a new fan of "Majesty Queen Tribute" Amanda Jayne went to the show with her Boyfriend, this was their first time seeing "Majesty Queen Tribute". She had got the tickets for her Boyfriend for Christmas. Amanda took lots of photos, here are some of them........

Thank you so much Amanda Jayne for your wonderful photos.

To keep up to date with what "Majesty Queen Tribute" are up to, visit their FaceBook or Twitter page.

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Marilyn Macdonald
Marilyn Macdonald
Mar 04, 2019

Once again great blog from Lyn. Really enjoyed reading all the feedback.


Dale Tatnell
Dale Tatnell
Mar 03, 2019

Great feedback, sounds like another great night for everyone. Love the pictures.

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