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Queen Quiz - News Of The World

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Majesty's Midweek Queen Quiz Logo

Welcome to our very first midweek Queen Quiz.

Each week, we will put your Queen knowledge to the test and discover just how much you really know about Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon.

The Majesty Midweek Quiz will consist of just five questions set around a weekly theme.

Our very first Queen quiz will concentrate on one of my favourite studio albums that Queen released - News Of The World.

Image of cover artwork for Queen's News Of The World Album

News Of The World was recorded at the Starm and Wessex Sounds studios in London and was Queen's sixth studio album to be released.

The album's cover was inspired by the front cover of an issue of Astounding Science Fiction (October 1953) that Roger Taylor had acquired. The cover art depicted a giant intelligent robot holding a dead man.

Image of cover artwork for addition of Astounding Science Fiction

With the agreement with the artist, the album cover therefore depicted the same robot but showed the four band members - both Freddie Mercury and May Brian dead in the robot's hand with Roger Taylor and John Deacon falling to the ground (Taylor only visible on the rear cover)

The inner cover shows the robot extending its hand to snatch up the petrified fleeing audience in the shattered auditorium where the corpses were removed

Album Cover and Inlet Cover of Queen's News Of The World Album


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